Why You Should Decide to Retire in Maine

by Calyn Ehid
Maine is the ideal place for your retirement. As an older adult, your priorities have changed. They've shifted from job issues to living arrangements and medical expenses. Do you live in a place that's safe for seniors? What about the cost of living? Does the place promote your physical and mental health?Let's address your safety. According to CNN's March 2017 report, the crime rate Maine is the lowest in the country. Percentage-wise, there are more seniors living in Maine than in other states. What about the cost of living in Maine? The utility charges are one of the lowest in the country. Your average monthly bill, per the US Energy Information Administration, is about $85.00. What about senior healthcare? Maine offers one of the best quality and affordable health insurance. There are premiums that are below $500.00. Your retirement budget will go a long way because the cost of living in Maine is not as pricey compared to other states.Why You Should Decide to Retire in MaineThe benefits of living in Maine include tax credits for volunteer work for as much as $6,000 tax money that you can apply to your pension or Social Security and Railroad Retirement income. Aside from that, there are free lectures at top-rate colleges like Colby, Bates, and Colby. This is a good indicator that culture is thriving. Unbeknown to many people, senior living in Maine is filled with contentment and pleasure. Numerous activities abound to invigorate your spirit, mind and body. The open spaces and the fresh air are free and conducive to promoting your well-being. You can walk, bike and hike without traffic. Maine is accessible to your family and friends. The Concord Bus and Amtrak enable it convenient to travel all over the country. You also have the option of flying.

Senior Apartments in Maine

Outdoor loving people are often healthier than most people. Because this is also true for seniors, you will realize that it's more fun and healthier in Maine. Senior apartments in Maine are sprouting. Unlike places like Florida, California, Arizona or Nevada, you will not have to worry about the catastrophic events that have been happening since the start of the 21st century. Think of the wildfires in California and Nevada or the unbearable heat wave that keeps occurring in states with a warm climate and ask yourself this question: Would you survive them? The last catastrophic fire in Maine was 70 years ago. What about the snow storms in Maine? The apartments in Maine are built to withstand and survive snow storms. Otherwise, they would not be licensed to operate. Weatherwise, the apartments in Maine are safely insulated and built to endure extreme weather. You will find many senior communities online. There is a financial assistance for the middle-class in Maine.Next