Why Pressure Management Cushions Are Beneficial To Your Health

by Calyn Ehid
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Most of us go through life without much thought to our positioning throughout our busy days. Individuals that must remain immobile are far more likely to develop skin lesions that can lead to unwanted pressure sores over time. This can affect those with debilitating disease processes like multiple sclerosis, back problems, stroke paralysis, autoimmune disorders and many other medical reasons. Anyone that remains in the same position over time can decrease the pressure with use of specialty pressure management cushions on areas seen to incur problems. These cushions come in various sizes and are made for various positioning use for adequate pressure relief.

Why Pressure Management Cushions Are Beneficial To Your Health

Many caregivers in a home setting aren’t able to maintain the strict turning position schedule that medical experts require in hospitals and other institutions. Typically, a family member is caring for an older parent, and these caregivers can’t stay up all night. These cushions can ward off the type of pressure sores that nobody wants to see. These products come in many attractive colors to enable less obtrusive notice of these help aids. Use of these cushions enables individuals to sit longer in upright positions. There are models suited for wheelchairs and other seats, and the travel varieties allow a person to go on vacations and travel across town for visits with friends. These wonderful medical supply products benefit a person’s health by allowing upright positions that help breathing and eating. Patients can also enjoy watching television with the family. These products are well worth the cost and effort to buy.

What Are Pressure Management Cushions?

Pressure management cushions enable a person’s weight to be distributed evenly by keeping undue pressure off of places where a bony prominence can be felt. This includes the tailbone area referred to as the coccyx and hip joints. Other areas might include small of back and other spine areas prone to skin breakdown. Some individuals need added cushioning as their doctors and/or physical therapists recommend to maintain healthy skin integrity. These cushions provide pressure relieve, and some models include air ventilating features to keep that area cool when in use. Some cushions double as boosting devices to elevate someone’s height.

The purchase and use of appropriate pressure management cushions can better a person’s overall quality of life. Anyone that remains immobile for long time periods are at great risk for skin breakdown that can damage deeper muscle tissue to the bone known as stage 4 pressure sores. The person’s health also makes it easier to develop these dangerous pressure sores. The addition of these useful cushions can prevent this alarming development of pressure related issues. When individuals are able to live more productive lives, their health typically stays better. These specialized cushions allow individuals to sit, lie and travel comfortably.

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Where Can You Buy Pressure Management Cushions?

Pressure management cushions can be bought from a local home medical equipment company. These companies offer many types of medical equipment and supplies. Sometimes the individual’s insurance may cover part of the price. Ask your physician for recommendations. These effective cushions can be found at Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and more online sites.

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Different Types of Pressure Management Cushions

Some cushions are like pillows, and others are gel or air filled products. They come in various sizes, from square seat models to full size bed toppers. Consider wheelchair cushions if patient uses a wheelchair. Some have open centers to relieve coccyx area. There are easy-to-transport travel cushions, and there are also wedge type cushions for easier lying on side positioning. Some cushions have washable covers, and there are thicker cushions designed to give a boost up. Before purchasing, determine the intended use and necessary size. There are more expensive pressure management cushions that will lift up a person electronically.

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Average Cost of Pressure Management Cushions

The costs for these products vary depending on material and use. Smaller simple cushions can run under $20, and larger more complex ones go for $100 to $400+. Online shopping for medical products is generally cheaper, plus several styles can be compared with pricing structure listed details. Cost of pressure management cushions depends on use of cushions and if it is special ordered for a perfect fit. Some common wheelchair cushions are $10 to $50 for standard models, and can be priced higher for more elaborately designed types. It pays to shop around, and check out wholesale medical supply sites.

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Uses For Pressure Management Cushions

There are several reasons for getting on a pressure management cushion. Usually doctors will recommend these medical supply products for patients that are immobile for long periods of time. Medical conditions like MS, paralysis following an accident or stroke and severe arthritis may all necessitate extra care to prevent bed or pressure sores from developing. Hospital and nursing homes require immobile patients to change position every 2 hours by nursing staff. At home, caregivers can extend this time with use of pressure management cushions on bed while sleeping, on wheelchairs and other seats. Other uses for cushions are travel related.

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Choosing The Right Size

Selecting the right size cushion is critical for the best results. Ask doctors, physical therapists or nurses for an accurate measurement before purchasing. Some products have weight limits and other considerations. Try to protect any bony prominence like the coccyx area commonly known as the tailbone. The cushion should keep pressure off of this area. Very thin patients need more cushioning to prevent skin breakdown. Read the product label to ensure that the correct size is being purchased. Also consider where the cushion will be placed. Select the size that best matches the individual’s weight and body frame measurements.

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Traveling With Pressure Management Cushions

Traveling can be made more comfortable by use of cushions designed to place on car seats, lounge couches, on chairs and other seats. These pressure relieving cushions are great for airplanes, trains, buses, cars and even boats. These travel sized products can relieve dangerous pressure due to long trips staying in one cramped position. The use of cushions designed especially for travel are fantastic ideas for individuals confined to wheelchairs or just unable to move much due to stiffness or pain with movement. These travel sized aids are easy to find in department stores and online sites that sell medical supplies.