Spending Your Retirement in Pennsylvania

by Bethany
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When people think about retirement, the first states that come to mind are Florida, Arizona, and the Carolina’s. One unexpected state that is ranked one of the best to retire to is Pennsylvania. It may be surprising to some to find out that Pennsylvania attracts many retirees, and is a popular choice.

Pennsylvania is considered to be a senior-friendly state. There are state programs for funding low-cost medications for residents over 65. Also, there are programs which contribute to making public transportation for seniors low-cost or free. Pennsylvania also contributes to 52 Agencies on Aging. This program has services to seniors centers and local senior residents such a delivering hot meals. Pennsylvania’s state lottery donates its proceeds to assist with benefits for the elderly. To date the contributions from the lottery have reached $23.7 billion.

Spending Your Retirement in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has many choices for retirees. Many seniors choose to retire to the greater Philadelphia area. The many cultural excursions and the convenience of travelling to the Jersey Shore, Washington D.C., New York City, and the Poconos make Pennsylvania a favorite choice when planning for retirement. Also, it is a great place to have the grandchildren visit. Hershey Park, the Please Touch Museum, and the Philadelphia Zoo are just a few of the many attractions to entertain the whole family.

Here are some points to consider when retiring to Pennsylvania.

Senior Apartments in Pennsylvania

Senior apartments in Pennsylvania are an independent lifestyle with the added bonus of moderate help with daily activities if needed. Senior apartments in Pennsylvania differ from standard apartments because of the age restriction. Senior living apartment complexes usually have an age limit of 55 to 62 years old to qualify for renting. The minimum age requirement does vary from one facility to the next. The age limit is part of allowing the senior residents to have specialized services geared to their age group and needs.

Senior apartments in Pennsylvania have many amenities. Every facility differs, but some of the benefits of senior living may include transportation services, laundry services, use of swimming pool and spa, use of a fitness center, maintenance and cleaning services, as well as a place to meet and socialize with other seniors. Of course the cost of senior apartments in Pennsylvania will vary depending on the location, amenities offered, and facility, so doing a little price shopping will help ensure that the best deal for what is needed and wanted is found. One of the attractions to senior living is the the rent is usually based on a percentage of the income. Pre-adjusted low income rates may also be available for those who meet the facility’s qualifications.

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Benefits of Living in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania not only has many avenues to enjoy your retirement, but also is a financially friendly state. Pennsylvania does not tax the retirement income of its residents. Pennsylvania is one of the two states along the Eastern seaboard to consider pension tax exempt. Also, if you are over 65 you may be eligible for rebates on your housing costs. Pennsylvania does not charge estate tax on direct heirs or spouses who are under 21 years old.

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How to Find an Apartment

There are many options for living arrangements in Pennsylvania. Whether you decide to retire to an independent apartment, or a retirement community in Pennsylvania, the options are many and varied. Finding the right apartment depends on your specific needs, financial standing, and priorities. Help help find the apartment that is right for you, you can contact any of the agencies dedicated to helping seniors. HUD.Gov has a listing of several agencies in Pennsylvania that will be helpful in your search, whether you are looking for independent living or a retirement community in Pennsylvania. These resources will take all your needs and priorities into account when helping you with an apartment search.

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Average Cost of Living in Pennsylvania

The housing index of Pennsylvania is 96.60, which indicates that living costs in the state are lower than the national average. To understand this in terms of dollars and cents, the average cost of a one bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania is $759 a month. The national average for a one bedroom apartment is more, at around $825 per month. For seniors, the monthly cost of living is $4,195 per month. This is taking into account home health care including housecleaning, meal preparations, and running errands. The average cost for independent living for seniors is $2,765 per month, below the national average.

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Meeting Friends Your Age

Senior living communities offer many benefits so you can enjoy your retirement. Senior communities have a minimum age requirement because it is designed for the needs of older people. Also, it creates an environment conducive to making friends. Because the community is a gated, the close proximity to your peers will also make it easy to get together and socialize as often as you want. Close relationships are vital to good mental and physical health so taking the time to make close connections is important. When you are considering options for retirement, don’t overlook the convenience of having your peers nearby. Activities offered by different senior living communities cover a wide variety of activities, which creates ample opportunities for meeting friends your age.

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Exploring The Local Culture

Enjoy your retirement by exploring the many cultural events in Pennsylvania. If you are a history buff, there is lots to explore. In Philadelphia you can visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Betsy Ross House, Elfreth’s Alley, the Eastern State Penitentiary, Gettysburg National Military Park, and Washington Crossing Historical Park. If you want to experience a more current culture, you can visit the local shopping areas such as the King of Prussia Mall, and outlet malls in Lancaster and Reading. . If you are interested in sports, there are plenty of points of interest. Be sure to find out about the curse of Billy Penn for added local culture.

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Enjoy Your Retirement

There are many ways to enjoy your retirement in Pennsylvania. With the favorable tax laws for seniors, and the below national average cost of living, financial concerns can be addressed with confidences. Exploring the many historical sights will keep your interest for years. The many entertainment opportunities will present unending cultural experiences for you and visit family. By living in a retirement community in Pennsylvania, you can experience living in an environment geared for your unique needs and priorities, and be able to make friends with many others in your age group.