8 Ways to Combat Loneliness in Your Later Years

by Bethany
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Loneliness is something that seniors have to deal with on a regular basis. While this can be a difficult thing to overcome, there are ways to combat this loneliness that happens later in life. Developing good habits will give you fortitude through these years of your life where your family may be far away. Even though things may seem very lonely, there are always ways to make your life better.

As a senior, it is easy to fall into isolation – especially if your spouse or partner has passed away. Because seniors are typically retired and more slow-moving than others, some people are hesitant to strike up a new friendship with them. Also, because of lack of energy and strength, seniors might not be up for strenuous activities or exploring new places. This why it is easy for seniors to fall into an isolated lifestyle where they don’t interact with many other people. Hiring a senior companion could be a great way to make a new friend that could accompany you throughout the day.

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Besides hiring a senior companion, there are plenty of ways that seniors can rid themselves of loneliness. From reaching out to old friends similar in age, to joining senior centers or picking up a new hobby, there are so many options for seniors nowadays. Just because you are of a certain age and retired doesn’t mean that you have to lose your entire social life. By staying active and adventurous you will soon realize that your later years can be some of the most exciting and fun times of your life.

We will discuss eight easy ways that seniors can combat loneliness in their later years.

Hire a Senior Companion

Hiring a senior companion could be a great way to never feel alone. These professionals have the skills needed to give you the time and attention that you need and want. You will have someone who will be able to help you get ready and help you get out of your house. If you are looking for a little more adventure in your life, this could be just the thing for you. You could start taking more trips around town and seeing sights that you have never seen before. When you hire a senior companion, you need to make sure that you choose one who is going to be able to take care of your specific needs. This will be crucial to your happiness.

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Plan Daily Visits to Family Members

When you plan daily visits to family members, you are going to feel much more connected to the outside world. This can be hard to do when your family lives far away. However, with the use of technology, you can meet with your loved ones over software programs like Skype. If your family members are close by, it is important to try to actually meet up with them. Being a part of their lives will give you the ability to feel like you are helping them progress. This added meaning will alleviate your feelings of loneliness. Being a constant part of your family’s life is very important when you are feeling lonely.

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Find an Online Penpal

If you are feeling lonely, try finding an online penpal. This can be a great way for you to make new friends and feel connected on a regular basis. You will be able to connect with people from all over the world. You can create friendships that can last for years. There are many different sites that can help you link up with penpals. There are even certain penpal sites that are used exclusively by seniors.

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Join a Senior Center

Joining a senior center can be a great way to find other seniors to connect with. There are events that happen on a regular basis at senior centers. Most cities have senior centers regularly available. You can meet with new and old acquaintances to just have a good time playing cards, shooting pool, or catching up with great stories. Joining a senior center can be a great way to alleviate the loneliness you feel.

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Join a Book Club

Books can be a great way to activate your mind and connect with others. When you join a book club, you will be able to connect with others over your love for great stories. You will be able to make new connections while reading amazing books. There are many resources in your local area that will help you find the right book club for you. Make sure that you find a book club that is going to fit your personality. If you don’t like sci-fi books, it wouldn’t be a good idea to join a science fiction book club. Find a club that is going to focus on books that you like.

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Volunteer at Local Schools

Try volunteering at local schools. This could be a great way to connect with the youth in your community. You will be surprised at how much you can teach them. These young students are ready to learn. With your many years of experience and knowledge, you can teach them quite a bit. You may make some great connections with the youth in your community by volunteering at their school. You could also be a very important role model for them. Find a school in your local area and get started today.

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Volunteer at Local Hospitals

When you volunteer at local hospitals, you will be able to help those who are in the most need of your help. You may also be able to meet other seniors while volunteering. To start the process of volunteering at a local hospital, you will need to meet with a volunteer coordinator. This will help you start the ball rolling for your volunteer experience. Meeting a lot of different types of people will be a great benefit of volunteering at your local hospital. You will also feel much more involved in your community by doing this type of volunteering.

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Stay Connected With Friends

It is very important that you stay connected with your friends as you get older. Your friends can be a constant source of companionship that will help you when you are feeling lonely. It is important to stay active and have activities to get you out of the house. Good friends will go out and play golf with you, go on walks with you, and regularly help uplift your spirits. Even if you have mobility issues, you can always stay in touch with your friends over the telephone, mail or email. You would be surprised at how good a 10 minute phone call can make you feel! Fellow seniors who are in your same position will help you have a much better outlook on life. If you are lacking some friends at the moment, there are plenty of ways to meet other seniors.