Why Compression Stockings Are So Important

by Calyn Ehid
Compression stockings are supportive garments used to improve circulation problems and can be of great importance in the lives of many seniors. There are several benefits to wearing compression stockings. They can slow the progress of vein disorders and relieve associated symptoms, increasing quality of life. Compression socks decrease swelling, reduce pain, and may improve the appearance of unsightly varicose veins. They can also prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis, a potentially dangerous blood clot in the leg. While most often used for medical purposes, compression hose may also be worn simply for comfort. Even if you do not currently have circulation problems, wearing low-pressure compression socks may prevent them from appearing in the future.Why Compression Stockings Are So ImportantIf you or a loved one suffers from circulation problems, you may be curious about compression stockings. What are the advantages of wearing them? How do they support your circulatory system and address the effects of poor circulation? How much should you expect to pay for compression hose? These are all important questions to consider. This article will explain how compression stockings improve circulation, what conditions they are used to treat, who should wear them, and the average price of compression garments. If you decide compression stockings are right for you, please consult with a physician to determine the correct type and size.

What Are Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are socks made from a strong elastic material designed to put pressure on the legs. This pressure helps veins to effectively push blood back up to the heart and prevents fluids from pooling in the legs. Typically, compression socks are tightest around the ankle and looser around the calf and thigh. They are available in both knee-high and thigh-high sizes. Compression stockings are most commonly used to treat venous disorders, with different levels of compression available to meet different medical needs. If you need to wear compression stockings for medical purposes, your doctor will help you determine what size and level of compression are best for you.Next