7 Reasons Why Doctors Who Come to Your Home Are So Convenient

by Bethany
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There was a time when the family doctor came to your home for many routine medical needs. Patients could count on their physician to be there whenever and wherever they were needed. However, this has changed in the past few decades. Medical care has become increasingly complicated in modern times. People have to wait in long lines, sit in crowded waiting rooms, and finally wait in an exam room to see a doctor for a mere few minutes. Increasingly, even a routine check up has become an inconvenient trial that can take hours or even half a day. However, there is a more convenient and more personalized model of medical care that a growing number of patients are choosing for their primary care needs.

There are thousands of doctors throughout the country who are adopting a home call model. Many people are choosing this option because it offers many benefits. Not only does it offer more personalized, higher quality care, but it offers superior convenience as well. What is a home care doctor? How does the process work? What are the benefits? Read on to find out how you can access this new model of health care that is now available in many communities around the United States.

What Are Home Call Doctors?

Most doctors now work in hospitals or clinics. They earn a living by billing insurance companies that pay for just a few minutes of their time. Although a medical appointment can take hours, most of this time is spent waiting or dealing with administrative tasks. This is inconvenient for patients, but convenient for insurance companies and medical corporations. However, there is a growing number of doctors who are trying to return to a more personalized and less corporate modality of care. The days of the family doctor showing up on your bedside with a black bag are not over. Many people are choosing this type of care for themselves and their family members.

Home call doctors perform some or even all of their care in patients’ homes. They may charge additional fees or a monthly membership in order to cover their costs. In exchange, they handle the travel and the paperwork so patients can focus on their health and well-being. In most cases, the equipment needed for a routine visit can easily be taken to a patient’s home, allowing a full medical visit in the place where they are most comfortable. This also gives doctors an opportunity to see patients in their natural environment, which is important for giving lifestyle advice.

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Where Can You Find Doctors Who Will Come to Your Home?

Many major medical practices offer home care services to people who cannot leave their houses but are still not ready for a facility. However, an increasing number of physicians are offering home care even to people who only need routine care. Many patients find home call doctors by looking for concierge care. These physicians usually advertise house calls as one of their services. There are also several apps and websites where patients can find a doctor who offers house calls. Most doctors do not offer house calls. Those that do so will often advertise this because it is so attractive to patients. This makes it easy to find these doctors if you actively seek them.

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Scheduling a House Call

Scheduling a house call can be easy once you have found a doctor who offers them. First, use an app or other resource to find a doctor who offers home call as part of their services. Second, find out how the doctor prefers to schedule their services. Some use an app while others allow you to schedule your own appointment online. Some doctors will bill your insurance if you have a company that allows these types of services, so have your insurance information available. Then, simply make your appointment. Some doctors will send you paperwork while others will ask you to complete it online. The doctor will arrive at your house at the arranged time to complete the process.

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How Much Does a House Call Cost?

The cost of medical care varies widely from doctor to doctor and even from area to area. However, home care visits generally cost $50-200 per visit. Some people who live in areas that are harder to access may have to pay more. In addition, different kinds of visit will have different pricing. Most people assume that their health insurance will not cover the cost of a home care doctor. However, this is not always the case. Running a medical office can be extremely expensive. Seeing a patient in their home may cost the same or just a small amount more.

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The Convenience of Being Seen at Home

One of the major benefits of being seen at home by a physician is that it is much more convenient. Patients do not need to deal with travel. In addition, they do not need to wait in a waiting room or exam room. Instead, they can wait in the comfort of their own homes. This is especially important for people who have disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other issues that make leaving the home a challenge. They can be stressed or even have physical setbacks when asked to leave the home for a long period of time. Home medical care allows them to get the medical care they need without inconvenience.

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Perfect For Emergencies

A home call doctor is especially perfect for emergencies. Whether a broken bone, a deep laceration, or another common medical challenge, there are many medical emergencies that do not need to be seen in the emergency room. However, many people are forced to go to either the emergency room or an urgent care practice because their primary care physician cannot see them. This can mean long waits, unpleasant surroundings, and exposure to illnesses. Ultimately, many medical emergencies can be effectively handled at home… and are best handled in these settings. Many home call doctors offer urgent care and emergency services for patients who need them.

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Ideal For People Who Are Immobile

For many people, getting to a medical appointment can be an immense challenge. This requires coordinating transportation, which can require long waits. It also means causing exhaustion or pain in getting to and from the appointment. Immobility can even make it difficult to get to and from a vehicle. For these people, home calls can be ideal. These people can have a better and more effective visit when seen in the restful setting of their home without the stress of having to deal with an outing. For these people, house calls offer maximum benefit and minimum inconvenience. However, most people can benefit from this model of medical care.