Why Walk-in Showers Are a Must For Seniors

by Calyn Ehid
According to researchers, one in every three seniors will fall while getting out of the bathroom each year. The CDC has found that more than 235,000 people visit the emergency room annually as a result of bathroom-related injuries. 14% of these people are admitted to hospitals. This means that people of all ages can have accidents in the bathroom. However, for seniors, the risk is almost doubled. The study continues to state that the chances of injuries increase with age.Why Walk-in Showers Are a Must For SeniorsAccidents in the shower are also more common than those in the toilet or tub. For seniors, emergencies such as nausea and dizziness can have them drop while showering. Injuries increase if they are unable to get out of the shower on time, which leads to them hitting the concrete floor. A walk-in shower can be described as an enclosure with a tray that adds a minimalist type of design to a person’s bathroom. It is perfect for people who are looking to increase space in their homes. The sleek design is what will attract you at first, however, with time, you love how easy it is to access the shower and walk in and out. Numerous features make walk-in showers perfect for seniors.

Prevent Slips and Falls

The study by the CDC also highlights the fact that 1.6 million older adults each year fall in bathrooms and are treated for head trauma, fractures, and other fall-related injuries. Other than permanent injuries that compromise their mobility, there is also the risk that fatal injuries may cause death. Older adults suffer from falls due to reflexes that are not as sharp as they used to be, poor eyesight, and balance issues that are caused by conditions such as diabetes, thyroid issues, and medications they may be taking.One great way to prevent slips and falls is to install a shower that caters to the unique needs that older adults have. A walk-in shower is a great option because it can include other features such as a shower wand, a foldable chair, and grab bars. These will make it easier for them to remain stable while bathing.Next