Why It Is Important For Seniors to Own a Thermometer

by Bethany
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There really is nothing worse than the cold, dreaded feeling of having a fever. It quickly turns a slight illness into something that can make anyone feel dreadful. While a fever is a sign that your immune system is working, it can also be quite dangerous when not monitored correctly.

If you are a senior citizen, it is particularly important that you monitor yourself for a fever when an illness sets in. A high fever is a sign that a simple illness has quickly turned dangerous and that it is time to seek medical care. Elderly individuals are unable to maintain proper temperature as easily as young, healthy individuals are. This means that tracking your temperature is essential to your health and well-being.

Why Getting a Flu Shot is So Important For Seniors

Thankfully, it is simple and cost-effective to monitor your temperature. All you need is a reliable thermometer. Keeping one in your home has huge advantages that can save your life one day. This simple device could mean the difference between you getting care quickly or waiting until it is too late. With such huge benefits, at such a low cost, you will wonder why you did not get one sooner and your family can rest easy knowing you are monitoring your well-being.

What Is a Thermometer

A thermometer is a fairly basic health care tool. It is used to monitor your temperature during an illness and can indicate if you have a fever or not. While this is not always cause for concern, one that is too high is a sign that you should seek medical attention quickly.

There are a few different varieties on the market. Each one varies in where it measures. With some that are more accurate than others, it is important that you do your research and learn the different types available so that you can make the best decision in your purchase. An accurate reading is essential for monitoring your health during an illness.

As a senior, preventative care is one of your top priorities. Your loved ones are counting on you taking care of yourself so that they can enjoy many more years with you. Monitoring your temperature is so important, yet so simple. Our guide will help you choose the best thermometer at a fair price. With a variety of choices, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We will help you learn how to evaluate device effectiveness and decide how to purchase one today.

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Seniors & Thermometers

Thermometers are an item that we all need in our home. They provide a simple way to monitor body temperature so that you know if you need to seek medical attention. However, maintaining proper body heat is especially important for babies, individuals with health risks, and seniors. As a senior, it is important you have this device because a high fever can be especially concerning. As we age, our bodies are not able to maintain proper temperature as well as we used to and a high fever is a sign to seek medical attention quickly. For this reason, we recommend that all seniors have a working thermometer.

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Different Kinds of Thermometers

Here are some different types of thermometers:


Digital thermometers are very quick and accurate. You can use a one in the mouth, rectum, or under the arm.


Ear thermometers are typically electronic and can be easier to use for young children. However, wax build-up can affect the reading. Since their main benefit is for toddlers, we do not recommend this type for seniors.


Temporal thermometers measure the temperature of the forehead. Unfortunately, they can be somewhat inaccurate. Again, this type of device is easier to use on a child, so there are no real benefits to using it if you are a senior.

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Having One in Your Home

Getting an accurate reading of your body heat can be a first indicator of the onset of an illness. If you are feeling unwell, and choose to call your doctor, it can be very helpful to let them know your temperature when you call so they can provide the best support. So, having a thermometer at home is very useful. Also, a very high fever can be quite dangerous. If you have a fever that is above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a sign you need to seek immediate medical attention. Having one at home will allow you to know when you need to find care quickly.

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Cost of Thermometers

We have established that it is important to have a thermometer in your own home. Since a high fever can be quite dangerous, it can even benefit you to have a back-up at home. The great news is that for something with so many advantages, they are relatively inexpensive. The most expensive types of thermometers are those that measure body heat in the ear or on the forehead. But, we have mentioned those are mainly helpful for young children. As a senior, you will likely need a digital device. These are only about $10, give or take! Surely we can all find some room in the budget for this important health monitoring device.

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Buying Thermometers Online

In this day and age you can buy just about anything online and thermometers are no exception. In fact, purchasing your one online is the simplest way to safely get a device in your home because you do not have to worry about traveling to the store. For seniors, this is a great convenience. Another huge benefit to buying thermometers online is that you can read online reviews before you purchase. This will help you to buy the best one at the best price. You can be comfortable spending money on an item that you know many others have loved before you.

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Stay On Top Of Your Health

As a senior, it is so essential that you stay on top of your health. Your loved ones are counting on you to take care of yourself. There are many aspects of health that seniors need to monitor and it can get overwhelming. Check one item off your list by ensuring you have a functioning thermometer at home. When you are able to monitor your temperature, you will quickly know when a simple illness has made a turn for the worse. You will be able to get help fast to ensure your safety. Your family members can rest easy knowing that you are monitoring your health.