Why Humidifiers Are So Important To Seniors

by Calyn Ehid
Air moisture drops significantly during the winter in temperate climates, and in arid climates, moisture levels are always lower than average. However, air moisture is necessary to health and air that is too dry can pose serious health risks. Maintaining adequate air moisture is absolutely essential to healthy respiration, skin health, and immune health. Normal ambient air moisture levels also promote sinus health, reduce the time it takes to heal, and allow you to spend less money on heating your home.Why Humidifiers Are So Important To SeniorsNot only does air moisture help you breathe easier, but it also protects you from disease by making it harder for airborne viruses to survive. But during the winter months or in climates with generally low air moisture, the air dries up and all of these health benefits dissipate like an ephemeral mist. This lack of air moisture is especially dangerous to seniors, who have reduced respiratory capability and are already more susceptible to disease. If you live in an arid climate or want to protect your health no matter how dry the air gets outside, it might be wise to invest in a humidifier for your home. Before picking out a humidifier, however, there are a few things that you should know about these remarkable devices and the advantages they offer for improved health and comfort.

Humidifiers and Senior Health

Seniors are one demographic that should definitely invest in a humidifier for simple health reasons. While viral infections are a pain in the neck for anyone to endure, contracting a virus can be incredibly dangerous for seniors. One 2013 study found that when humidity levels were kept at 43 percent and above, airborne viruses only stood a 14 percent chance of surviving long enough to pass from one person to another. However, in environments below that humidity threshold, it was found that 77 percent of viruses could survive the trip between hosts.Therefore, using a humidifier to maintain an adequately humid environment is not only an aid for comfort in wintertime or in arid environments but also constitutes a vital part of any comprehensive senior healthcare strategy. Seniors that use these devices are also less at risk to experience nosebleeds and allergy symptoms, and humidifiers can even reduce the symptoms of allergies and hay fever. Humid air also feels warmer than dry air, reducing heating costs and making seniors feel more comfortable no matter what the temperature.Proper air moisture soothes the skin, relieves chapped lips, and increases the healing time of cracked or dry skin. All in all, the health benefits provided to seniors that opt to welcome a humidifier into their home more than justify the small expenditure of buying one of these machines.Next