Why Every Senior Should Own a Shower Chair

by Calyn Ehid
There are studies on which room is the most dangerous in the house with experts presenting data that accidents can happen anywhere. But, one thing most experts agree on is that bathrooms are one of the top three most dangerous rooms.Bathrooms are wet, confined, and the combination of water, slick floors and confined spaces means there are all sorts of accidents that can happen to anyone. For seniors who have a handicap or concerns about balance and mobility, the bathroom can be a difficult room to navigate.A shower chair is an important part of the bathroom for any senior using a tub. It is an item that is important to providing the them and their loved ones with peace of mind, yet it is sometimes viewed as being unnecessary until an accident happens.A shower chair provides for a safer environment, promotes independence and contributes to a positive quality of life. This article takes a look at shower chairs and just how beneficial they are for any senior.

What Are Shower Chairs?

Shower chairs are water and slip resistant seats that fit into a tub or shower stall. They allow people to bathe independently while reducing the potential for falls. There are chair models that fit any budget and offer many features.Most shower chairs have padded, contoured seats. They are available in sizes that can accommodate any build. People who prefer to have a chair with fixed or removable back and arm rests have many options available. Chair legs may be adjustable so that the user can be comfortable and sit with their feet flat on the tub floor.Shower chairs are rated for weight so take into account the size of the people using them and the size of the tub. Chair legs must sit flat on the bottom of the tub and not be too wide that they push against the tub sides. Some chairs include compartments so you can safely access toiletries without having to reach far for them. These types of convenience features are designed for safety as well as ease of use.Next