What To Do When You Notice You’re Balding?

by Calyn Ehid
Hair loss can be devastating to men and women. Many think that baldness is a problem that only men face, but it affects men and women the same. Women just tend to cover it up better, and many men embrace their hair loss. Whether your hair is thinning, or you are losing it by the handfuls makes no difference; it affects your self-esteem. Some may say that their hair follicles are clogged with shampoo they use, they don’t eat right, or they inherited the condition from their relatives. Studies show that almost 80 percent of balding is built into a person’s genetics.Scientists found that on chromosome 20 there is a small region called 20p11 that is responsible for this problem. While they don’t know exactly how or why this DNA is involved, all they know is that if a person has this version on this chromosome, they are seven times more likely to go bald. Regardless of what causes the problem, you want to fix it fast. It’s very embarrassing to walk around with missing hair and thinning spots. Luckily, you have many options to deal with the problem. Some of the options are less expensive than others, but you need to decide what options are best.

Noticing Bald Spots

Bald spots can appear anywhere on your head. However, they are commonly found on the crown of the head or the hairline. For men, they will often begin balding right at the top, the center part of the head. The thinning begins to spread further into the hair. For women, baldness usually starts in the front area where the hair naturally parts. Bald spots can appear anywhere and without warning. Finding sections of your hair missing can make you panic. You may try some over-the-counter products like hair powder, fibers, or other things to fill in these areas. These products work for very few. In fact, they can make the problem worse. Finding an exact match for your hair color is often hard when you are relying on products from a can. Did you know that a quarter sized bald spot can cover more substantial areas in a matter of months? These spots can be caused from the atmosphere, healthiness, diet, stress, age, and hormonal changes, to name a few. It is imperative that you find out what is causing your baldness. Some things can be fixed easily. If you are stressed out, or you have a low thyroid level, both can affect the lost hair. Once the issue is resolved, your hair will have the chance to regrow.Next