Terms & Conditions

by Bethany

12. INFORMATION AVAILABLE FROM THE RESULTS PAGES Everydayseniorliving and the Everydayseniorliving Parties do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information available via the Services, or on any Everydayseniorliving Web Page. Everydayseniorliving and the Everydayseniorliving Parties do not authorize the use of information available via the Services, or on any everydayseniorliving Web Page for any purpose other than your personal use. You may not resell, redistribute or use this information for commercial purposes. Everydayseniorliving does not endorse or recommend any particular product or service. 13. MAP INFORMATION MapQuest Terms of Use may be viewed at http://cdn.mapquest.com/mq_legal/termsofuse.html. 14. LINKS; THIRD PARTY SERVICES Certain portions of the Services contain features and functionality that may link to or be provided from a third party, including without limitation third party websites, databases, applications, software, programs, services, directories, servers, networks, and systems (collectively, “Third Party Services”). Everydayseniorliving provides access to these Third Party Services to you as a convenience only and Everydayseniorliving does not, in any way, control or manage such Third Party Services. As such, Everydayseniorliving is not responsible for the content, functionality, accuracy, truthfulness, or availability of such Third Party Services or any link contained therein. By making such Third Party Services available via the Services, Everydayseniorliving is not endorsing or warranting such Third Party Services in any way. Furthermore, Everydayseniorliving does not endorse any product or service that may be offered on or through such Third Party Services or through advertising delivered on or through the Services. Under no circumstances shall the access to or availability of such Third Party Services give rise to any liability to anyone for any damage of whatever nature whatsoever. 15. REQUESTS FOR REMOVAL OF LINKS FROM INDICES Everydayseniorlivingoccasionally receives requests to remove links from its indices that generate web results. Although Everydayseniorliving reserves the right to address such requests individually, Everydayseniorliving is generally not willing to remove any links from its indices.

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