Terms & Conditions

by Bethany

16. SECURITY AND PRIVACY LIMITATIONS By use of any of the Services, you acknowledge that you are aware (1) that data and information on the Services may be subject to forgery, eavesdropping, tampering, sniffing, spamming, spoofing, password cracking, harassment, fraud, electronic trespassing, hacking, nuking, system contamination including viruses, worms and Trojan horses causing unauthorized, damaging and/or harmful access to, or retrieval of, information and data on your computer; (2) of security and privacy limitations in the Services including without limitation the limitation of security, privacy and authentication measures and features; (3) that the security and privacy features available on the Services, are provided to you as a convenience only and may not operate according to their description or may not operate at all; and (4) that information, data or messages may not reach their destination or may reach an erroneous address or recipient. You acknowledge that, as with most Internet applications (i.e. e-mail), there are certain risks associated with accepting or downloading files from or through Everydayseniorliving. Such risks include, but are not limited to, (1) damage to your computer, (2) damage to any data or files stored on your computer, (3) Everydayseniorliving users viewing your IP address, and (4) files you share with other Everydayseniorliving users being redistributed and used without your knowledge.

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