Learning About Alzheimer’s Nursing Homes in 7 Steps

by Calyn Ehid

Who Needs To Go To One?

Families choose to put their loved ones in Alzheimer's nursing homes for a variety of reasons. More often than not, living at home is no longer a safe option for them due to the behavioral needs of Alzheimer's dementia and the declining ability to tend to themselves. Sometimes, their health may be at risk and they need a place that can provide medial attention. Often times, caring for them at home is simply more than a family member can provide.Also, living in residential facilities provides more advantages than being at home does. Families have the comfort of knowing their loved one in a nursing home benefits from round-the-clock supervision, trained nursing staff, and recreational activities. They also have the advantages of consistent social interaction and the ability to wander freely. The move to a nursing home may be the choice of the family or it may be a doctor recommendation.Next