Introducing Easy Grip Utensils Into Your Life

by Calyn Ehid
When people lose the ability to feed themselves due to stroke, advanced arthritis, or degenerative neurological disorders, it affects their sense of independence. This can have a devastating effect on their emotional and mental state. Losing the ability to feed oneself usually represents a turning point in functioning. This can be humiliating and frustrating for the person experiencing it and concerning for their loved ones and caregivers.The long thin handles on standard silverware can be difficult to grip. For those who lack fine motor control, this can be the sole reason for the inability to feed oneself. Utensils with adaptive handles can solve the problem and help the person eat better and feel as if they have retained this important sign of independence. Occupational and adaptive therapy professionals who work with children and youth also find that Easy Grip Utensils make dining convenient and cleaner.Introducing Easy Grip Utensils Into Your LifeEasy Grip Utensils are good for those who have restricted wrist or finger movement, or who have a weak grasp. Those that have shaky hands will also appreciate special utensils. This might sound like a simple solution for those with a disability, but it can mean the world to them. Let us explore Easy Grip Utensils further to see how they can help you or your loved one.

What Are Easy Grip Utensils

Having the right equipment can mean the difference between success or failure when it comes to tasks that require fine motor control. Easy Grip Utensils are part of an array of adaptive cooking and eating equipment that is available for those who need extra help. Easy Grip Utensils includes silverware and spatulas with specially designed handles that do not require as much hand dexterity and strength to use as regular utensils. They have a large comfortable handle that can be used in the right or left hand. The utensil head can be rotated to find the most comfortable hand position. They have nonslip handles.The spoons are bendable to make eating items such as soups easier. The easy-grip non-slip handles means less food dropped on the floor or table. The features of the utensils can be adjusted according to the type of meal being served and the individual needs of the person. For those that cannot grip the handle at all, there are hand clips available that allow the utensil head to slide into a pouch. The clip and utensil are then strapped to the person’s hand. These adaptive accessories require only a bare minimum of mobility to achieve independence when eating.Next