How Wheelchair Ramps Can Make Your Life Easier

by Calyn Ehid
Mobility can be an issue for those with disabilities or aging seniors. Requiring a wheelchair can limit access to certain buildings, even public buildings which are required by law to have accessibility. Wheelchair ramps are a great solution for those in a wheelchair or electric scooter. Ramps allow for a low sloping route to create accessibility. This low-slope creates less difficulty in reaching the door.Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of materials and types. Some wheelchair ramps are made for vehicles while others are better suited for homes or buildings. Having wheelchair access in your home makes it much easier to get in and out of your house. A wheelchair ramp for your home creates independence that allows you to roam freely instead of requiring assistance. A portable wheelchair ramp also creates ease of use to get in and out of a vehicle without assistance.8 Important Facts about Electric WheelchairsWhile a wheelchair ramp can be expensive to build or buy, there are many ways to lower the cost. Financial assistance is available through insurance and other programs. However, you may need a professional diagnosis that states a medical need for a wheelchair ramp. You can also pursue cheaper means of installing a wheelchair ramp, such as building one with help from friends and family. However you create your ramp, a wheelchair ramp is a necessity to make your life much easier.

What Is A Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is an incline that brings access to a building or vehicle. Stairs are a common access point that block use to people with a mobility disability. Wheelchair ramps seek to eliminate this problem. They can be either portable, permanent, or semi-permanent. Most permanent or semi-permanent ramps are used for building or home access. Many portable ramps are for vehicle access.A permanent ramp is attached to the ground securely with bolts or other means. It can be made from concrete, wood, or aluminum. Semi-permanent ramps are temporary and rest on a slab on the ground. They are made from the same materials as permanent ramps. Portable wheelchair ramps fold up easily for transport. They are usually made of aluminum.The incline is important when creating a wheelchair ramp. A reduced incline is better and more practical but can increase the length of the ramp. American standards require public ramps slope no faster than one inch per every one foot of the ramp. A ramp can only be 30 feet long before it must turn or have a platform. More and more countries are requiring a wheelchair ramp in building codes when building a new public building. Wheelchair ramps are considered a minimum requirement for accessibility.Next