How to Travel on a Budget

by Bethany

Traveling to new places doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or win a lottery. You can still enjoy the beautiful scenery and breath-taking moments while still traveling on a budget. Here a few tips that can help you travel on a budget as a senior.

Develop a Plan

Traveling is a good way to relax after a busy week, month or year. To enjoy your time at your destination, you need to come up with a travel plan that is senior-friendly. You don’t necessarily need a packed itinerary, but you should have an idea of how much time you will be spending in your travel destination and a basic idea of what you want to do and what you want to see. Know the routes you will be taking during your adventures, the hotel you will be living in, the airline you will be using and the items you will need. This way, you will spend less and save a lot of time figuring out the details once you are there.

How to Travel On a Budget

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

Avoid traveling during the peak seasons. Many traveling companies take advantage of the influx in the number of travelers during peak seasons to raise their prices. Inquire about the months that record the highest number of travelers in your destination and plan your schedule during months that record the lowest number of visits.

Embrace Public Transport

Traveling by road and railway is far much cheaper than traveling by air. Air tickets are five times more expensive than bus fares and train tickets. Not to mention, when you travel on a train or bus at night, you get to save the money you could have otherwise used for accommodation.

Book Flights In Advance

This is important especially on return flights. It is stressful and embarrassing to run out of money abroad without a return ticket. Most airlines offer advanced tickets for up to one year. You can take advantage of such offers to qualify for cheaper return tickets.

Be Accommodation-Savvy

Hotel rooms are very expensive. You can book a normal room in a local apartment or share your hotel room with another person to reduce the cost of accommodation. You can also stay with a family member or friend.

Spend Wisely

Do not buy expensive foods in your travel destination. Go for cheaper alternatives or request the hotel management to allow you to cook your own food. Make sure you shop around and compare at least three food joints before you choose the right one.

Traveling as a senior doesn’t mean you must spend a lot of money to have fun. When used properly, the above tips can help you in your senior travel plans.