How a Facelift Can Make You Look Youthful Again

by Bethany
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Are you a senior looking for ways to look and feel younger? Have you tried endless amounts of wrinkle cream only to feel like you are getting more wrinkles each and everyday? If you are looking for more confidence, and if you are desperately trying to look younger, a facelift may be just what you need. In this day and age, surgeons have really perfected the process and getting a facelift is a very low-risk, straightforward procedure.

How a Facelift Can Make You Look Youthful Again

There are many things to know and research before you get a facelift. Cost can vary greatly, and it is important that you are looking for more than just a cheap fix. While it may be tempting to find a bargain, you really do get what you pay for. Although the risks associated with facelifts are low, any surgery has some potential issues that may arise. It is important to research the doctor and facility that you plan on attending to ensure that you are going somewhere safe.

Thankfully, with better tools and procedures, you can now get a facelift and heal rather quickly. While is takes a bit of time for some swelling to go down, you will practically appear more youthful and have more confidence overnight.

Senior Facelifts

We all want to feel confidence in they way that we look. When we appear more youthful, we feel more youthful. If you are a senior who is feeling down on yourself, a facelift may be a great fix. While there are many great wrinkle creams on the market, sometimes they just are not enough. There is really no true way to prevent wrinkles completely. But, a face lift can get rid of the wrinkles that have formed. Facelifts involve pulling the skin tighter around the bones and muscles of the face and neck. Over time, gravity pulls at our skin, which causes it to sag and appear aged. We also have fat deposits that can cause sagging of the face overtime and deep lines that often form around our eyes and mouth.

A facelift can reverse all of these effects of aging to help you to appear more youthful. The quick procedure can result in many benefits overnight. The result is a smoother, more youthful look free of wrinkles. Many seniors feel more confident and happier as a result. Although recovery time can vary depending on the individual, most individuals experience some slight bruising and swelling that goes away in a few short weeks. The result is a long life with less wrinkles – surely worth a few weeks of recovery.

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Plastic Surgery Later On

Thankfully, there are not many long-term side effects associated with facelifts because doctors have improved the procedure immensely overtime. However, it is true that some light scarring is unavoidable. Right after your surgery you will notice the scars appear slightly pink, as all scars do at first. However, overtime they will diminish. The good news is that with most facelifts, the scar is at the hairline. This helps to hide the scar so that it is virtually unnoticeable once it heals. Instead, of having to worry about your looks, you will be able to enjoy a natural, youthful look for years to come. These benefits are definitely worth it.

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Cost of a Face Lift

The price of a facelift can vary greatly depending on where you live and who does the surgery. A more experienced and well-reviewed surgeon is likely to have higher fees, but it could definitely be worth it to spend a little more on something that is so important. The average cost is the United States for a facelift is about $7,000. It is important to keep in mind that insurances do not cover this cost since it is a cosmetic surgery. This means that you are paying for all aspects of your facelift: the surgeon fees, anesthesia, facility costs, medication, and any medical tests that need to be run.

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Recovery Time

As with any surgery, healing from a facelift can take some time and it is important you have the right expectations so that you give your body the time it needs. After a facelift, you may notices some swelling, and bruising. This is very normal and to be expected. Although time to heal varies for everyone, some individuals experience these side-effects for as long as several weeks. As a senior, it may take your body a bit longer to heal. Be patient, as you will have a youthful looking face in just a few short weeks. The advantages are definitely worth it.

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Dealing With Old Age

Some of us have a harder time dealing with old age than others. While wrinkles and gray hair are a natural part of the aging process, many seniors look for ways to lessen the effects of these changes. Doing so can leave you feeling happier and more confident. If you are embracing your aging body, that is great! Sometimes it is easy to look at your wrinkles and know they are from years of smiles and laughter. However, it is normal to find yourself feeling less confident about your aging body. There is nothing wrong with taking steps towards lessening the aging process and benefiting from the advantages of a facelift.

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Reversing the Years

If you are a senior and you miss the more youthful you, there are many things you can do to reverse the aging process. While this article mainly discusses facelifts, there are other options for you as well. Many seniors find themselves using hair dyes and anti-aging creams as a less invasive way to improve their appearance. While these techniques are very successful in helping many seniors, others find they do not diminish the wrinkles as much as they would like. If you are one of these individuals, there is nothing wrong with a low-risk facelift. The confidence you gain will be well worth the investment.

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Embracing Your New Life

After a face lift you are likely to experience a range of feelings. While you are likely to appreciate the lack of wrinkles on you face and youthful appearance, you also may feel quite different. Some seniors find it difficult to get used to their new look. A facelift causes a dramatic change that may come as a shock to you and your friends and family. Give yourself time to embrace your new look. You are likely to feel yourself again once the swelling goes down and you will be able to go out into the world confident in your new, youthful look!