Feeling Safe in Your Own Home

by Calyn Ehid

If you are a senior, you may wonder how you can feel safe in your own home. Senior safety is especially important if a senior lives alone. Below are a few helpful tips for seniors who want to ensure their home life is safe and comfortable.

Feeling Safe in Your Own Home

Install an Alarm System

Seniors are prone to accidents, particularly falling. If they live alone or don’t have a friend or relative who checks on them regularly, then a fall or other accident could turn into a more serious tragedy. Therefore, seniors should consider installing a medical alarm system. Usually the system contains a necklace they can wear and if they have a fall, they can push a button on the necklace that sends a signal for help.

Install Safety Bars

Safe living for seniors should include the installation of safety bars. These are particularly helpful in the bathroom to assist seniors with getting on and off the toilet and in and out of the shower. Many times, all seniors need is something to grab onto which can prevent a fall. Safety bars serves that purpose.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Senior homes should be free of unnecessary furniture and other items that could be a tripping hazard. Therefore, it’s important to examine the home and make sure there is adequate room for a senior to walk without tripping. Rugs and carpets can be trip hazards. It may be necessary to remove these, especially if the ends of rugs are curling up or they tend to bunch up.

Install Ramps

Some seniors have trouble with stairs. Some may not be able to see well enough to properly step up or down. Others may just simply be too weak and may miss a step. A solution to this problem would be to install ramps in place of steps. This can be done outside the home as well as inside. Ramps obviously make it easier to use a wheelchair and get seniors in and out of the home and from room to room.

Because falls are among the top cause of injury and death in seniors, it is necessary to protect seniors from hazards that could cause a fall and giving them access to help instantly should they need it. Safe living for seniors should be a priority of friends and relatives of seniors and small changes can go a long way in making senior homes safe and reducing the likelihood of accidents.