8 Ways to Keep Your Diet & Nutrition on Track as A Senior

by Calyn Ehid
Healthy diet and lifestyle begin at home. It’s not something anyone can force you to practice, and it’s not something you’ll find easy to practice if you’re unaware of the importance of a healthy diet and proper exercise once you reach your senior years. It’s easy to assume you need less exercise and can indulge a little more once you reach a certain age. After all, this is your time to really enjoy life, but this is a harmful belief.Good health and nutrition include both a healthy diet and exercise. The benefits are numerous, and you might not even realize just how much you benefit from taking care of yourself in your senior years. One of the biggest benefits of a good health routine is longevity. You prolong your life if your body is healthier, and you also have a better quality of life if you’re engaging in healthy exercise, diet, and nutrition. You also benefit from this type of lifestyle by spending less time with the doctor. Your good health helps protect you from illness and disease, which translates into fewer doctor visits.8 Ways to Keep Your Diet & Nutrition on Track as A SeniorFewer doctor visits also equate to fewer medical bills. Even with good health insurance, the cost of visiting the doctor can be expensive. If you focus on caring for your body and making sure you are in good health, you spend less money at the doctor. That’s money you can spend on your grandkids when they visit or put away for that European vacation you’ve been considering. Good health isn’t just an option. It’s a way of life, and it’s one of the most important ways of life. That’s why you must learn all you can about proper senior diet and nutrition facts.

Senior Diet and Nutrition

Were you aware your diet and nutrition needs change as you get older? Perhaps you remember being able to survive on nothing but pizza and soda when you were in college, and your good metabolism burned off the calories with little effort. You were always ready for a good time, never exhausted, and you didn’t notice your diet was awful. That changes as your body ages. If you tried to live on a diet like that with little to no sleep and no exercise, you’d gain weight fast. As you age, one of the most important things you should know is how your body is changing and affecting that.Gastrointestinal problems occur more naturally as you age, and this changes your dietary needs significantly. As your body develops gastritis and the emptying of your stomach slows down causing more frequent constipation and gas, you might begin to avoid eating healthier foods as you’re too full, you feel they make you feel worse, and they don’t help your stomach feel better. This is where many seniors begin making poor health choices. This health problem is not helped by avoiding fruit and vegetables, it’s made worse. It’s one of the most important examples of why senior nutrition and diet are so important.Next