=Best Senior Discounts Of 2018

Best Senior Discounts Of 2018

by Maddi Butler Friday, August 05, 2018

There are many special discounts that are available to retirees. Seniors have a variety of discounts at most stores retailers, restaurants, public transportation, national parks, and even resorts. However, you will only get these discounts if YOU ASK for them. It’s easy, all you need to do is speak up and say, “Is there a senior discount offered?” and see how much you can save!

Equally, for every discount you can get face to face, a similar one is available online. Most people over 55+ were shocked by how many they could get in savings. You could save up to $6000 by using online discounts and taking advantage of government programs that you may not know existed. Get ready! Compiled below is the best, most accumulative list of this year.

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1. Huge Discounts For A Walk In Tub

Walk-in tubs were created with the idea of assisting those who are disabled, handicapped, senior, and anyone with mobility difficulties. Statistics have repeatedly shown that the most common place for a fall to happen is in the bathroom. The Center for Disease Control mentions that two-thirds of those bathroom injuries occur near your tub or shower. The most common injuries that occur are slipping on a wet floor, crossing over one side of a tub, or accidentally leaning on a glass wall, door, or window without knowing it was not created to hold your weight. It is no wonder that once a person turns sixty five the chance for injury greatly increases. Around this age your eyesight deteriorates, mobility is restricted, and it is difficult to find that balance you once had down pat. When it comes down to it, One in three adults above the age of 65 experience a fall every year. Currently, many Walk-in Tub manufacturers are offering big discounts for seniors.You can get a free quote on a Walk-in Tub by visiting this website.

2. Collect Thousands With A Retirement Private Pension Plan

You may be unaware, but most seniors can apply for government assistance once they retire. You could be saving even more than what you are receiving now. In a recent discovery, an expert financial advisor, Teeka Tiwari, and his team of researchers have found a private pension plan that has been paying retired government, congressmen, and other officials millions of dollars every year. With this in mind, you may want to wisely invest to earn up to a total of $11,334 every month.Watch this video presentation to find out how.

3. Make Payments Easy By Consolidating All Of Your Current Debt

The retirement transition may be nerve racking. For those soon to become seniors with existing unsecured debt it may be even more frightening. It is possible to consolidate all of your existing unsecured debts into a single monthly payment plan. More often than not, combining all of your debts will lower your monthly payments based on the number of debts and the total amount. Consolidating will make your life a lot more manageable. Many organizations will help walk you through the process so that it is easy and pain free! For seniors with an amount of $20,000 or more in Credit Card debt, there is a designated relief program available by Freedom Debt Relief. This will give you the best available quotes to settle any personal loan and credit card debts. For more information be sure to click the debt relief link below.

4. The Government Could Pay Your Mortgage With HARP

If you are one of the many seniors that owns a home it is possible to save thousands of dollars every year by applying for an amazing government program called HARP. The Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP), passed by former president Obama, was designed to aid middle class seniors across the US. This plan reduces regular monthly payments by up to $4,264 per year. The program was expiration was to be in 2017, but this plan has currently been extended to 2018.

The banking world does not like the fact that they are obligated to pay you this extra amount. Make sure to take advantage of HARP now and save up to $4,264 each year before the plan seises to exist.

Average savings per year:

5.Free Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The INOGEN ONE portable oxygen concentrator was developed to give many people the freedom of oxygen therapy. Standard oxygen tanks often need their tanks refilled making it a hassle to get oxygen when and where you need it most! For those who are on the go, like to travel, or would like to be able to go anywhere you desire, the Inogen is a great one-stop companionwhich both Medicare and many Insurance plans will fully cover.

6. Eating Out

Thinking about eating out? Here is a detailed list of locations that offer senior discounts. Whether you’re looking for a quality seafood or steak dinner, take out, fast food, and more. There is something for everyone to choose, but be aware that the discounts depend on your specific location.

■ A&W: 10% discount for seniors, varies by location
■ Ben & Jerry’s: 10% discount for seniors 60 and older
■ Bruster’s: Sign up for a Kid at Heart club to receive a 25-cent discount on future purchases (60+), varies by location
■ Burger King: Offers 10% discount (60+), depends on location
■ Country Kitchen: Special Senior Menu (55+)
■ Culver’s Restaurants: Cool off with fresh custard—10% discount for patrons 60+
■ Dairy Queen: Receive a 10% discount or a small drink if you’re 55 or older
■ Fazoli’s: Special offerings and menu items when you join “Club 62” (62+)
■ Friendly’s Restaurants: 10% off meal and a free coffee during breakfast hours, free sundae during non-breakfast hours
■ Friendly’s Restaurants: 10% off meal and a free coffee during breakfast hours, free sundae during non-breakfast hours
■ Golden Corral: Most locations offer a 10% senior discount and early bird special (60+)
■ IHOP: Offers a 10% discount and special menu for seniors (55+), varies by location
■ KFC: Free small drink with any meal, varies by location (55+)
■ Krispy Kreme Donuts: 10% off your purchase (50+), age and discount vary by location
■ McDonald’s: Discounts on coffee and other beverages (55+)
■ Old Country Buffet: Daily discounts for seniors 55 and older
■ Papa John’s: Check with your local Papa John’s for senior discounts as there is no standard senior discount policy
■ Perkins Restaurants: Special menu and deals for patrons 55 and older
■ Picadilly Cafeteria: Signing up for the “Prime Time for Seniors” card to receive a 10% discount
■ Sizzler: Special Honored Guest Menu for patrons 60 and older, varies by location
■ Sonic: Offers 10% discount for seniors 60 or older
■ Steak n’ Shake: Patrons older than 50 receive 10% discount
■ Subway: 10% discount (60+), varies by location
■ Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt: AARP discount of 10%
■ TCBY: Receive a 10% discount if you’re 55 or older
■ The Old Spaghetti Factory: The Spaghetti Factory’s Senior Menu offers discounted menu items
■ Uno Pizzeria & Grill: 25% off each Wednesday for “Double Nickel Club” members (55+)
■ Wendy’s: Many offer 10% off for seniors, but discounts vary by location
■ Wendy’s: Offers free coffee and other discounts, varies by location
■ Whataburger: Depending on location, free drink with purchase of a meal (55+)

7. Free Membership to Senior Savings List

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8. Retirees Have Been Substituting Cable Television With HD Antennas

With Netflix, HBO, and Hulu subscriptions services becoming more and more popular a vast majority of people are doing away with costly monthly cable fees and expenses. Comcast, for example, the cost for the simplest, most basic cable service with local programming and a little over 50 single program channels is the same as a Netflix subscription with thousands of moves and shows at the touch of a button. However, if you’re looking for an even better solution you should check out SkyLinkTV Antenna.

Those you use SkyWireTV wonder why they were dishing out load of money for cable they did not watch. Many of the available broadcast stations include additional regional programming at zero cost to you. SkyLinkTV gives you access to all mentioned channels in High-Def 1080p. This simple device attaches to the antenna jack of any TV and is capable of receiving a broadcast signals of a whopping 30 miles away. This also includes a wide variety of many channels completely free. The experience of installing your antenna will be considerably less time than calling your cable company to cancel your cable subscription. All you need to do is plug it into your tv and start watching immediately!

Average savings per year:

9. Great Discounts For Seniors With A 3 Year Clean Driving Record

You may believe that your auto insurance rate is already low. You’d be surprised to know that only about five percent of people in the US over the age of 55 pay less than $50 per month for car insurance. For those of you paying more than $50 a month with zero tickets or accidents in the past two years, you can most likely obtain a much lower car insurance rate. The surest way to check you’re getting the lowest rate is to compare quotes from a handful of insurers – have them do all the work to keep your business.

Depending on your age, it is possible for you to get a massive discount on auto insurance. With 

Auto-Savings.com, just complete a simple form and they will respond with a list of quotes to choose from. Even if you do not want to switch providers, you should use offers and information given to you as leverage to negotiate a lower monthly payment with your current auto insurance company.

Average savings per year:

10. Stop Paying For Repairs That Are Covered

Everyone that owns a home is afraid that something will go wrong. It can happen at any time. This is why it is absolutely necessary to sign up for a home warranty.

A home warranty will both save you money and it will cover appliances or protects any home accidents. American Home Shield provides the protection when breakdowns occur in your home that are beyond repair.

Total Home Protection gives great warranties on many different appliances and home systems. This warranty includes air conditionings, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, and more. American Home Shield’s claims hotline is available 24/7, and once a claim is submitted, a local, trusted technician is sent out to service the problem. It is a great idea to be prepared for anything with a home warranty.

11.Save Up to 70% on Life Insurance

One of the downsides of getting older is that the premiums on life insurance policies increase. Sadly, the premium for many companies will increase about 8-10% each year. For people over 55 , rising life insurance policies costs increase significantly.

Many senior citizens also have a hard time qualifying for a new policy once they reach a certain age. The best way to get the cheapest life insurance policy possible is to compare quotes from multiple carriers in much the same way you would do with car insurance, or cell phone plans. Luckily, there’s a new website called LifeInsurance.net that will automatically use your information to find you the best life insurance policy for your needs at much lower prices.

Once a person retires it may be difficult for them to apply for a different insurance provider. The smartest way to receive the most affordable life insurance policy is to compare quotes from a variety of insurance companies. However, many seniors can catch a break. A new website exists called LifeInsurance.net that will generate a much lower cost for a life insurance policy coupled with the best available life insurance policies based on your information.

Average savings per year:
Smoker - $456 | Non-smoker - $1,002

12. Free Registration to Find Established 50+ Singles - Register for Free

If you’ve lost your beloved life long partner or are down right just tired of being alone this is a great opportunity for anyone. The most difficult part about finding someone to spend your life with is finding a safe place to meet. It’s great if you are ready to start dating again. Finding someone new is not that difficult using SilverSingles.com which offers a free trial membership to get a feel of who is available in your area.

For people over the age of fifty and are single, this wonderful chance to find a similar minded person and searching for someone that they definitely want to spend the rest of their life with. The opportunity to do this for yourself and possible to help your daughters or sons who would like to see you smile with someone again.

13. Get Thousands Back By Selling Your Unused Timeshare

Many seniors that own a Timeshare and seldom use it! Instead of wasting a perfectly good investment you might want to consider selling it and making some money instead of wasting your time, money, and effort. My Timeshare Expert assists those with a Timeshare to repay you for the costs you’ve spent. They will give you all the information you need. Obtain a zero cost quote with no obligation or risk through My Timeshare Expert. Let the top advisors explain the best solution the get thousands back on a timeshare that is wasting away. To get your free quote, enter your information and get your response as soon as possible!

14. Fruits, Vegetables, And Fight Inflammation

As people get older our bodies do not work as well as the once did. Discomfort seems to happen for no apparent reason. However one thing is certain, a majority of these pains are often due to inflammation. According to specialist Dr. Lane Sebring, foods that contain an alkaline-rich source like kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, and apple have a high chance of reducing inflammation. This is why it is important for you to make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

To help everyone out Dr. Sebring designed the Patriot Power Greens, this is a easy mix formula with a nutritional blend of over 35 fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. Since you mix the Power Greens super food with water it is much easier for your body to absorb compared to swallowed supplements. It’s been shown to give you that boost you need and minimize any inflammation.

15. Free Installation Of Satellite TV And Big Savings of $360 On TV Channels

Most people that have had the same cable provider for an extended period of time may be spending more for less features. It may be time to switch and get a better deal. For a limited time, it is possible for you to save $360 and lock in a two-year guaranteed rate of only $59.99 a month by switching to DISH. DISH provides 190 channels and for qualifying clients free premium channels. You may also want to know that that qualifying customers will also receive services that include free installation in up to 6 rooms, a voice remote at no additional charge, and free high definition for life. Never miss a show either because this promotion includes a Smart HD DVR. Research any offers in your current location before this deal no longer exists.

16. CSeniors And Qualifying For SSDI Benefits - Reduced Living Expenses!

For those with a lengthy medical condition which has makes working impossible it may be possible for you to obtain a supplemental income from the government to help you cover the your everyday living expenses.

SSDI Legal Network is an organization of Social Security Attorneys whose goal is to assist you in returning your money that is rightfully owed. SSDI Legal Network will assign you a specific SSDI sponsor with zero cost to you. If you qualify for an SSD, it is possible to receive up to $2,788 per month which can go to your living expenses. Grab ahold of this opportunity and get the financial assistance you need with SSDI benefits.

Extra Perk: 1. Look Younger With Less Crepey Skin

Everything changes with age, including everyones skin. As you age the top layer of skin thins, thus your skin will become more prone to tearing and will appear more transparent. The construction of the skin begins to lose the elasticity which will then let gravity pull it down. The skin will begin to sag and eventually look crepey. There’s no way of returning back to childhood but there are possibilities of making you look younger by reducing the amount of crepey skin you can see.

The Crepe Erase system hones in on crepey skin over your whole body. Revolutionary developments like an Exfoliating Body Polish and Intensive Body Repair Treatment will rehydrate and moisturize to give you a both smoother and firmer skin. The Maximum Results System provides a total of 5 full sized products that help rehydrate your skin and erase wrinkles from aging skin.

Want a free treatment to enlighten, hydrate, and tone the skin around your eyes? Included is a zero cost concentrated eye serum.

Extra Perk: 2.Discount Of Over $850 For Quality ADT Home Security System

This promotion is for any retired seniors that own a home.

Recent studies have shown that any home without a security system has a 300% increase in likelihood to be broken into compared to a home with some form of security system. Many people do not realize that having a security system is not just to protect your home from theft or robbery but it will save you a lot of money every year. Any home owning senior that owns has an almost required homeowners insurance policy can expect to see a huge discount. Many security systems now have the technology to assist any senior with the medical attention necessary in a life threatening emergency. This is absolutely essential if your or a loved on is living on their own

In fact, installing a home alarm system may give homeowners a 10-20% discount on their insurance.Feel safe and contact ADT, an authorized nationwide premier provider. They are currently promoting a $850 credit in security systems along with a $100 Visa gift card. You get a free alarm system for 1+ years, by only paying ADT $99 for the installation and monitoring serivces.

Average savings per year:

Extra Perk: 3. Save Costs On Custom Stairlifts

As aging happens people experience new encounters. Seniors may find it challenging in their own home. Stairs are now a serious danger zone where a senior may fall. This is why stairlifts will give you the freedom of roaming through your entire home, instead of restricting yourself to certain areas. A stairlift will prevent falls from occurring and will give you confidence to navigate your home once again.

Easy Climber provides huge savings to help you find the perfect stairlift at an affordable rate. Regardless of the reason you need a stairlift be it for fear of falling or mobility issues, getting multiple stairlift quotes will help you compare quality and costs. Installing a reliable, quiet, covered by warranty, stairlift can be done in as little as one day by a certified professional.

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