How Dentures Can Change Your Smile Forever

by wpusr
  1. Dental Implant vs. Adhesive

There are two ways that you can get dentures “installed” into your mouth. One of the first options is to get a few dental implants – typically in the back of the mouth – so that your dentures can securely snap in and won’t be easily removed. This method provides a sturdy base for chewing tougher foods. This option is not for everybody though. It can be quite costly and it really depends on what type of tooth structure you have left.The other option is to use adhesive. There are tons of adhesive options that you can find in drug stores or you can get even get prescription strength adhesive directly from your dentist. If you are considering getting dentures, make an appointment with your dentist to go over all of your options. They will walk you through the pros and cons as well as the pricing structure.Next