How Dentures Can Change Your Smile Forever

by Bethany
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A common complaint amongst seniors is teeth softening or tooth decay. Even if you religiously brush and floss your teeth three times a day, every day as we get older, our teeth also get older. And this means that even with proper care, we can start to experience serious problems. Another common problem is teeth sensitivity. As our teeth wear down with age, the enamel begins to wear away which can lead to exposure of nerves.

This can be incredibly painful and cause that “throbbing” pain that won’t go away. It can also make eating hot or cold foods difficult and painful. As a senior citizen, you have lived a long life and just want to relax and enjoy the foods you love. Being unable to indulge in a cold bowl of ice cream or a hot bowl of chili can be very upsetting.

How Dentures Can Change Your Smile

When too many of your teeth are suffering from the issues listed above, your dentist might suggest that you simply get the compromised teeth removed and transition into dentures. This might seem like a scary step, but in fact, it can be one of the greatest things you ever do in your later years. Instead of suffering from constant tooth pain or eating issues, you will have a set of false teeth that can bite through anything and won’t cause you pain.

If you have been dealing with teeth issues for some time now and think you might be a good candidate for dentures, schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. They will do a thorough examination to see if you are in fact a good candidate. If they deem you are, you will get fitted for a set – either partial or full – and then you will have to wait a few days/weeks for the dentures to arrive. There are so many benefits to getting dentures as a senior. Find out more on how dentures can bring back your smile and make eating your favorite foods easy again.

  1. Replace Missing or Decayed Teeth

One of the major uses for dentures is to replace missing or decayed teeth. Once you reach a certain age, decaying teeth are inevitable. And when they are beyond saving with a cavity filling, the whole tooth must be extracted. This will leave a large gap or hole in your gum line. If you only have one tooth where this needs to happen, you might be able to get a dental implant and be on your way. But if you have multiple, individual dental implants can become extremely expensive and impractical.

This is where a set of full or partial dentures could really come in handy. If you have been suffering from tooth decay and have had multiple teeth removed recently, don’t let your smile or your eating habits get interrupted. Speak to your dentist about getting fitted for a pair of dentures. They will take a mold of your mouth and then suggest either partial or full dentures, which will be supported by the soft and hard tissues of your oral cavity. 

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  1. Dental Implant vs. Adhesive

There are two ways that you can get dentures “installed” into your mouth. One of the first options is to get a few dental implants – typically in the back of the mouth – so that your dentures can securely snap in and won’t be easily removed. This method provides a sturdy base for chewing tougher foods. This option is not for everybody though. It can be quite costly and it really depends on what type of tooth structure you have left.

The other option is to use adhesive. There are tons of adhesive options that you can find in drug stores or you can get even get prescription strength adhesive directly from your dentist. If you are considering getting dentures, make an appointment with your dentist to go over all of your options. They will walk you through the pros and cons as well as the pricing structure.

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  1. Easier Eating

When you are missing teeth, one of life’s greatest pleasures – eating – can be greatly disrupted. With a hole in your gum line, chewing on harder foods can be painful to the point of impossible. But you shouldn’t have to go through life with missing teeth. There is an easy solution – dentures. Most seniors experience tooth loss in their later years and there is nothing wrong with getting fitted for a set of dentures. When you have a set of dentures, you will be happy to know that you can go back to eating all of your favorite foods again – whether that be corn on the cob or ribs.

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  1. Color Match

There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to dentures. One of the biggest concerns is that your false set of teeth will look… false. While that is a natural concern, dentures have come a long way. There are now plenty of models that resemble actual teeth very well. You can choose the exact shade of teeth you want so if you aren’t looking for a bright white artificial smile, you can go with a slightly muted color. If you are getting a set of partial dentures, your dentist will make sure that you color match the dentures to your real teeth so there won’t be any difference. Once you have your new dentures in, you will be smiling more, eating foods easier and no one will even know you have a set of false teeth.

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  1. Stress-Free Dental Work

When you are constantly dealing with dental issues such as tooth pain or decay, you might start getting stressed out every time you have to go to the dentist. You know that you might have a painful or expensive experience every time you step foot in a dental office. Once you transition into dentures, the amount of dental issues that will arise in the future will be much less serious. If you are using adhesive with your dentures, you might have issues finding the right one – that could be the extent of your problems, which as you can see, is quite a minor problem. Getting dentures can improve your overall oral health.

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  1. Low Cost Option For Missing Teeth

Everyone knows that if you don’t have dental insurance, any dental work can be pretty expensive. Even when you do have an insurance plan, some dental work can still be expensive. Once you commit to a set of dentures, you will possibly be reducing the cost of future dental work by a lot. Because you don’t have any major teeth to worry about, you shouldn’t run into any major problems. Because dentures are a set of false teeth, when you eat sugar or salty foods, there won’t be an effect on your oral health. However, it should be noted that it is important to wash and clean your dentures on a regular basis so that other oral infections don’t develop.

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  1. Partial vs. Complete Set

When it comes to dentures, you will either receive a partial or complete set. A partial set will cover multiple missing teeth. This means that you have some significant gaps in your gum line, but that you also have a fair amount of regular, healthy teeth left in your mouth. With partial dentures, you will have a smaller, more comfortable mouthpiece that will cover the missing teeth. If you have significant tooth loss, then you will be fitted for a full set of dentures. These will be attached via adhesive or possible dental implants, which can provide a sturdier experience. Your dentist will let you know which type of dentures will be right for your mouth.

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  1. Restored Permanent Smile

The best part about dentures is that your beautiful smile will be restored. There is nothing worse than feeling ashamed to open your mouth when you speak or to smile largely at something that brings you joy. Because missing teeth might be a jarring look for some, seniors who have missing teeth and haven’t received a set of denture yet might become shy and self-conscious. Dentures have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable and for looking “fake.” Although they are false teeth, dentures have come a long way and are now much more comfortable and give off the appearance of a real set of healthy teeth.