7 Benefits of Shoe Insoles For Seniors

by Calyn Ehid
The insole of a shoe is the inner part that supports the bottom of a person's foot. This inner insole is generally easy to remove and then is commonly replaced with a pair that has been bought separately. Shoe insoles, which are also often referred to as foot beds or inner soles or inserts, are used for a number of reasons, but most commonly these reasons will include for comfort, odor control, shock absorption, or just to support the feet better.Shoe insoles can be purchased nearly anywhere shoes are sold, as well as custom made to specially fit one person's needs. Insoles are not a "one size fits all" type of purchase. The type of shoe insole a person chooses to use will depend upon what issues the user may be seeking to fix. The size of the user's foot will also play a part in determining what insole might be the best choice.7 Benefits of Shoe Insoles For SeniorsInsoles generally last around twelve months if they are used in an everyday use pair of shoes. There are recommended tips for caring for the insoles as a way to keep them nice for longer use. Insoles are made with different material depending upon the type. The most common type of material uses is foam with leather and gel also being popular material choices.

Shoe Insoles For Seniors

Many senior aged people choose to use separately bought insoles for many reasons as a means of being able to wear shoes they may not otherwise be able to wear. Feet in general change, of course, as a person ages. For starters, as someone goes older, the skin on their feet often becomes thinner. Seniors are more likely to deal with rashes, calluses, or thinning foot pad. The bones change and are frailer and as a result, more susceptible to damage. Because of this, it is imperative that show and insole choices be made wisely. It is often recommended that a senior citizen aged person choose shoes that provide strong arch support and maximum cushioning, especially in the heel area.Using insoles can help make those recommendations easier to fulfill without needing to travel to too many stores or spend extra money on different shoes. It is said that many of the foot related issues a senior citizen aged person may complain of are often fixed just by using a good set of shoe insoles.Next