7 Benefits of Shoe Insoles For Seniors

by Bethany
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The insole of a shoe is the inner part that supports the bottom of a person’s foot. This inner insole is generally easy to remove and then is commonly replaced with a pair that has been bought separately. Shoe insoles, which are also often referred to as foot beds or inner soles or inserts, are used for a number of reasons, but most commonly these reasons will include for comfort, odor control, shock absorption, or just to support the feet better.

Shoe insoles can be purchased nearly anywhere shoes are sold, as well as custom made to specially fit one person’s needs. Insoles are not a “one size fits all” type of purchase. The type of shoe insole a person chooses to use will depend upon what issues the user may be seeking to fix. The size of the user’s foot will also play a part in determining what insole might be the best choice.

7 Benefits of Shoe Insoles For Seniors

Insoles generally last around twelve months if they are used in an everyday use pair of shoes. There are recommended tips for caring for the insoles as a way to keep them nice for longer use. Insoles are made with different material depending upon the type. The most common type of material uses is foam with leather and gel also being popular material choices.

Shoe Insoles For Seniors

Many senior aged people choose to use separately bought insoles for many reasons as a means of being able to wear shoes they may not otherwise be able to wear. Feet in general change, of course, as a person ages. For starters, as someone goes older, the skin on their feet often becomes thinner. Seniors are more likely to deal with rashes, calluses, or thinning foot pad. The bones change and are frailer and as a result, more susceptible to damage. Because of this, it is imperative that show and insole choices be made wisely. It is often recommended that a senior citizen aged person choose shoes that provide strong arch support and maximum cushioning, especially in the heel area.

Using insoles can help make those recommendations easier to fulfill without needing to travel to too many stores or spend extra money on different shoes. It is said that many of the foot related issues a senior citizen aged person may complain of are often fixed just by using a good set of shoe insoles.

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Benefits of Shoe Insoles

Using shoe insoles comes with a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are noticeable almost immediately after using them. Insoles can help improve back pain problems as well as help to alleviate knee issues and the pain caused by them. Insoles provide comfort and cushioning in a way that allows senior citizens to be on their feet for longer lengths of time than they would have been without the use of insoles.

Shoe insoles can also help to correct misalignment of a person’s feet which is often related to bad posture. All of these issues being “fixed” can lead to more positively in a person’s life as well. Which gives them the ability to want to get up and actually do more, rather than sit and avoid things because of the pain associated with their feet. These advantages are just a few among the many that make shoe insoles well worth the purchase.

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Heated Insoles

Heated shoe insoles are a rather new addition to the world of all things insoles. They are battery operated and come in a variety of styles and brands. Typically a heated shoe insole is used either just during the cold winter months as extra warmth, of course. However, some senior citizen aged people may opt to use heated insoles if they have feet that are constantly cold and need better circulation.

Many of these insoles are heated using rechargeable batteries and remote controls to make adjustments with. The specifics, of course, depend upon the type of heated insole used, but in most cases they can be fully charged in four hours and subsequently heat for anywhere from three to fifteen hours at varying settings.

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Gel Cushioned Insoles

Gel shoe insoles are often a popular insole choice. They are the type of insole that is recommended in cases where the user will be doing a lot of walking, as the gel cushions act as a shock absorber, which helps to lessen the impoact when a person walks or runs. Gel insoles also boast the ability to be flexible and provide extreme comfort for whoever may be wearing them.

Gel insoles can be a little on the heavier side compared to some of the other insoles available that are made with other material. It is said that gel shoe insoles can also help to extend the “life” of the shoes they are used in as well, which is always a nice bonus.

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Improve Comfort

Shoe insoles can also help to provide comfort to those who use them. They can help to create a better fit if a show happens to be a little big in the way it may fit. shoe insoles also improve comfort when it comes to certain issues that affect how a person is able to walk, run, or even simply stand. The insoles can also help to comfortably alleviate any pain that may be associated with other foot related problems in the heel, arch, or ball of the foot. Without insoles, walking with these types of problems can be painfully uncomfortable.

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Improve Balance

In recent years, studies have been done to determine how shoe insoles help with any balance issues a person may have. Currently, it is believed that insoles help curb balance problems when combined with other forms of treatment or therapy depending upon the reasons behind the balance problems. Recently, researchers have created a type of insole that has vibrating technology within it. This technology, which is so gentle it can not be felt, uses vibrations to help restore the balance of seniors. This type of insole has also been used by those who may be traveling on more difficult terrain to help avoid any falls that could cause injury.

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Cost of Shoe Insoles

Insoles can range in price depending on many varying factors, such as the type, style, and how it is made. For example, simple shoe insoles bought off of the shelf at any store can cost anywhere from ten dollars to eighty dollars. Custom insoles, which are made using molds of the user’s feet can cost up to two hundred dollars. In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of these insoles,, but this is a case by case scenario. The price, many say, is well worth how much the shoe insoles truly do help those who otherwise deal with daily pain and discomfort from foot issues. Just a case of the advantages outweighing the disadvantages!