Why You Should Buy a Shower Gurney

Imagine that a family member or someone you are caring for was recently involved in an unfortunate car accident, and they will be immobile for at least six months. A car rear-ended them, and their vehicle spun off the road and fell down a hill. Your loved one can not move their legs, and one arm is broken. After several surgeries, the doctor has informed them that they will not be able to walk for at least six months. Now your loved one cannot walk to the shower or use the restroom on their own. Crutches will not help the situation. Carrying the person to and from the bathroom every day is not an option. What can you do? It is time to consider purchasing a shower gurney.

What Is A Shower Gurney?

A shower gurney is a mobile device used to transport immobile patients to the shower. This tool is water-resistant, so the patient can be cleaned without having to move. Some of these products can be adjusted to fit more than one position, while others are flat. All gurney products can be adjusted to keep the person receiving care safe at all times. The railings lock with safety pins, so there is no need to worry about the gurney falling apart during a wash. The side rails can be folded down to make the transportation process to the showers easier. The foam pad helps drain water so that there is no risk of drowning the patient or flooding the shower area. Drainage holes built into the foam bad prevent mildew buildup. Most gurney products were made to hold at least 300 pounds, and up to 550 pounds.

A gurney is used to transport handicap seniors or injured patients to a washroom. Anybody that is immobile will need to be carried using one of these devices. A shower gurney often used in hospital settings, nursing facilities, health centers, and anywhere else where there is a need to care for somebody who is immobile. Anybody that cannot stand under their own power will need a shower gurney to bathe properly. There are three different types of shower gurneys available for purchase: pediatric, standard and bariatric sizes. The pediatric size is the smallest size. This size is perfect for smaller individuals who weigh 250 pounds or less.