When To Ask For a Senior Discount

There are certain benefits to being a senior citizen that you ought to be made aware of. For example, there are senior deals and senior promotions that can help you save money at a variety of establishments. Those places of business want to show their senior customers that they care about them. The best way to do that is to offer senior discounts on their products.

AARP has a guide to how senior discounts can work for you. They break it down by different types of products that you may be interested in. Today, we take a look at some of those products and where you can go to get the senior promotions.


It is possible to get yourself something nice to wear at a discount as a senior at certain stores. Those stores are interested in helping their customers look and feel their best. Kohl’s is one example of a store that offers this type of deal. They provide a fifteen percent discount on their clothing for those age fifty-five or older every Wednesday.

Utility Providers

There is no set in stone discount offered by every utility provider across the country, but it never hurts to ask them about special senior promotions that they may have. Georgia Power is one company that offers senior citizens a discount of up to eighteen dollars on their utility bill if they meet income requirements. It is just a little break from the utility provider that doesn’t want to choke their customers of the energy they need.

Auto Repair

It is not uncommon for auto repair shops to offer seniors a break on their bill. They know that seniors require their transportation as much as anyone (perhaps even more than some of us!), and they are happy to offer great service and a discounted rate to help keep them on the road.

Gym Memberships

It is important to stay active as a senior citizen. One great way to do so is to take advantage of the discounts offered at many gyms and become a member. Many gyms are more than happy to offer seniors a discount to make them paying members.

Movie Theaters

Some of the biggest senior deals come at movie theaters. AMC Theaters offer up to thirty percent off the cost of a regular admission ticket for seniors. Additionally, they double that discount to sixty percent on senior Tuesdays. This means that seniors can see a movie at a very fair rate any day of the week.