What You Need to Know About Dentures

Everyone loves a smiling face. What happens though when, due to various factors, you’re no longer proud of your smile, but instead embarrassed by it? Depending on your situation, dentures might be the right treatment for you. While everyone generally knows what they are, when it’s time for you to consider dentures for yourself, you probably have many questions. Here is some basic information for you to consider.

What Are They?

Dentures are simply appliances which are custom-made to rest on the gums covering your jaw bone. What many people don’t know, however, is that there are different types of denture appliances. The most well-known type is a complete denture, which replaces all your teeth entirely. Another type is known as overdentures, which fit over your remaining teeth to help provide stability for both your jaw bone and the denture appliance. Once applied, they function just like normal teeth, allowing you to chew, smile, and laugh with confidence.

When Do You Need Them?

Every mouth is different, and over your life, your teeth have worn differently than every other person’s. That said, there is no set time when denture appliances are recommended. The best way to find out if they are right for you is to seek the care of a prosthodontist, a dentist who specializes in the application and maintenance of denture appliances. The prosthodontist you choose can thoroughly evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

How Much Do They Cost?

Since each denture appliance is customized to your individual needs, the cost of dentures can vary widely. If you are a senior looking for a low cost treatment, know that there are many options available. Many companies offer payment plans to help you spread the cost out over several months to ensure you can fit it in your budget. Depending on your insurance, your plan may cover part or all of the cost of the treatment, as well.

It might be frustrating or intimidating to consider a denture appliance, but with the proper treatment, regular care and cleaning, and a healthy dose of patience, your dentures can restore your lost confidence and allow you to enjoy foods you haven’t been able to eat for a long time.