What to Expect When Working After the Age Of 60 

The University of Michigan produced a study which was reported on by Forbes contributor Kerry Hannon. What it told her was that of the population of Americans working past the age of sixty-two, a full forty percent of them had changed jobs at least once since they were fifty-five. In other words, things in the workforce have changed dramatically from the days of old.

It used to be a given that someone who was working as a senior had been with the company they were currently working with for a long time. In fact, it could be safely assumed in many cases at that point that the individual would have been doing the very same tasks for many years of their life. No longer can this be assumed. Instead, many 60+ jobs are more mobile and versatile than before.

The Positive Side

There are many positives to seniors in the workplace. First, the fact that employers are willing to hire 60+ for jobs are a positive step in the right direction to begin with. Keep in mind that this was not always the case. Some people tend to forget that ageism is not something that has gone away. A lot of people still experience it, but things are starting to get a lot better on that front.

Working as a senior has other benefits for people as well. Consider for example the fact that many say that working gives them a sense of purpose in life. While many of us enjoy the thought of retiring and never having to work again, a lot of people in that boat almost immediately want to go back to their working life. It just provides them with a reason to get up in the morning.

Plenty of Opportunities Available

Some believe that once they are a senior citizen, working will not be an option for them given their physical health. This is wrong for two reasons. The first being that many people who are seniors are in great physical condition and are perfectly able to work in any profession. The other issue is that not all occupations require a lot of physical interaction in the first place. It is perfectly reasonable to want to work as a bookkeeper or doing something with computers as a senior. If you have a passion for it, there is probably something out there that can help you achieve your dreams.