Top Senior Health Products

Today, older Americans are choosing to live healthier lifestyles. There are senior health products that can help a person maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Top Products

Those seniors who live at home with health problems like heart disease or arthritis can still have a happy life. A few precautionary products like the home defibrillator (AED) can help. This product can be used in an emergency when the heart has stopped or is in an irregular rhythm. Simple instructions guide the user to apply pads on the chest that will provide a life-giving shock to the heart. The product will only charge if certain conditions are met, preventing a shock that would be unproductive or even dangerous. These devices can be bought online starting around $600 US.

Exercise Products

Exercise is so important to staying healthy. Seniors should strive for ways to get exercise in daily. There are plenty of products to help – like the semi-recumbent bike that has a swivel seat for easy transfer from a wheelchair to the bike. No impact on the knees and hips means that people can exercise longer without damaging their fragile joints. Find these at Walmart starting at about $150. Good exercise tips like starting slow and stretching before a workout will help, too.

Yoga is great for healthy seniors, promoting strength, balance and stretch – all important to a healthy body. Using yoga blocks, cushions, stretch bands and even pillows can help aging adults to stay flexible and strong in their joints and muscles. This is so important when many senior accidents are caused by stiff limbs and joints (not being able to lift a foot over a threshold or up a step) causing a fall. These falls can result in broken hips, knees – even death. Buy yoga products at any mass marketer or online, starting at only a few dollars.

Lighting Products

That leads to another health product – lighting. Proper lighting can keep senior adults from falling in dark hallways or bathrooms. Simple motion-detector lights that plug into outlets will give enough light to keep people from tripping over rugs in the dark. Lighting products like motion-sensor toilet lights make going to the bathroom a much safer task. These lights are very affordable, starting at just a couple of dollars each.

Stay healthy, safe and active during your senior years with these helpful senior products.