Senior Product Discounts

Asking for discounts as a senior is almost always worth the gamble. Many companies offer their products or services at significantly discounted rates to seniors. Their senior discounted products help bring in a segment of the market that might not otherwise have done business with them. Also, senior discounts are just a nice civic service to offer to those who may be on a fixed income.

National Parks

One thing that seniors can find at a discount is admission to national parks. The National Parks Service offers senior discounts that make it possible for a person over the age of sixty-two to purchase a pass to the national parks for just ten dollars. That is a lifetime pass that grants access to those parks. Also, there may be other deals on lodging and the like once one gets into the parks.

Grocery Stores

Senior discounted products at grocery stores like Harris Teeter and Kroger amount to everything in the store with the exception of alcohol, tobacco products, and prescriptions. Other than that, seniors can enjoy a five percent discount on all products on Tuesdays. This is why it is common to see a lot of seniors doing their grocery shopping for the week on Tuesdays.


Catching a ride on the Amtrack system is a little cheaper as a senior citizen. Enjoy a fifteen percent discount on rides with them if you are fifty-five or older. This is a great way to help seniors get from point A to point B with a little more money in their pockets.

Haircuts For Less

Enjoy a cheaper haircut as a senior citizen at places like Great Clips and Super Cuts. These are nationwide chains that are available to almost anyone. They are also places that offer seniors the ability to get the haircut that they need for less money. If you are not the type of person who has to have an expensive haircut to feel good about yourself, then perhaps it is time for you to take advantage of the discounts afforded to you by these chain stores.

Higher Education

Finally, it is even possible to lower the cost of your education when you are a senior citizen. There are programs at many universities which make it more affordable for those who are seniors to get into classes at a reduced fee. Many also choose to take classes that they can later write off on their tax bill.