Movie Nights for Seniors

Everybody loves a discount, but bargain hunting, coupon clipping, and shopping for savings can be part-time jobs in themselves. Of course, there are many ways to take advantage of easy and obvious discounts, especially for seniors. One of the most fun discounts seniors can receive is senior movie nights or senior movie discounts at the theater.

Nights at the Movie Theater

Cinema outings can often get expensive, especially when you add on all of the popcorn and candy to the high price of tickets nowadays. Many movie theaters have a senior movie night where the rates are discounted, and some others have senior discounts all week long. Cinemark Theaters, for example, are very common in many towns and offer Seniors Day where any show time ticket is sold at a discounted price. In most theaters, movies that are shown earlier in the day, typically weekdays only, are often less expensive as well. Many theaters will combine matinee prices with senior discounts.

How to Get Discounts

So how do you qualify, and how do you actually receive the senior movie discounts? Most theaters offering discounts to seniors pinpoint the starting age at 60, but some have extended it to 50 or even 55. The discounts range from about 25% to sometimes as high as 60%, but discounts and age restrictions will vary greatly depending on your local theater. The best way to nail down the specifics for your location is to simply call the theater and ask about senior discounts; however, asking at the door for a senior discount usually does the trick. Whether or not you feel like a senior, many theater workers will not ask for ID. Another way to kick start the process for senior movie discounts is to check out AAA, if you’re a member. They often have special rates for seniors and can be bought in advance.

Again, whether or not you even look or feel like a senior, go ahead and use the senior discounts! The process is simple and senior movie nights are a great way to have a little fun and take advantage of the money off.