Mobile Homes for Seniors

When planning for retirement, many seniors want an affordable and easy place to live during their retirement years. Senior mobile homes may provide the convenience and affordability retirees are looking for.

A mobile home is a prefabricated living space which is built in a factory setting and transported to an installation site. The mobile home is then set up at the desired dwelling place and is generally move-in ready at that time. Senior mobile homes may offer special features such as safety bars at the bathtub or wheelchair accessible doorways.

Senior Mobile Home Parks

Senior mobile home communities offer multiple mobile homes on one piece of land, creating a private community for retirees. Advantages of a senior mobile park include a sense of belonging to a community and community events to help a senior lead an active social life. Many mobile home communities for retirees are located near shopping centers, eateries and medical facilities. A smart location can ease the burden seniors may feel in trying to reach these destinations.

Mobile Home Amenities

Senior mobile home parks may handle any lawn care and sidewalk maintenance, reducing physical strain on aging seniors. Ask management about these amenities.

A new mobile home can range in price from $30,000 – $70,000, depending on size, building materials and amenities. Purchasing a used mobile home can provide a deep discount for seniors on a budget. To save even more money, a senior may be permitted to have a mobile home on the land of a relative, eliminating or reducing space rental costs. Check for zoning laws in your area regarding this option.

Seniors opting for mobile homes may save money on utility costs because mobile homes tend to be smaller than traditional houses. The smaller space is also easier for a senior to clean and maintain than a larger structure.

The lower costs associated with mobile homes can enable seniors to retire to areas they might otherwise be unable to afford. If retirement to a high-cost area seems desirable but out of reach, consider a mobile home option and rework the numbers.

Mobile homes offer retiring seniors flexibility and options in affordable senior living. Choosing the right mobile home can help a senior remain independent while enjoying an easier lifestyle during retirement years.