How to Maintain Your Health During Retirement 

After working for what seems like a lifetime, most people look forward to retiring. They start to plan trips, and home projects. One area of importance is what to do about staying physically active and healthy. Retirees find that they have plenty of time on hand, but are at loss as to what to do with so much freedom.

Health Eating & Staying Active

There are many activities for seniors who want to lead healthy lives. Eating healthy should be foremost on the list of things to do. No longer will they have to eat on the go. Preparing healthy meals, and eating on a regular schedule will help the physical, and mental aspect of senior living. Now is the time to stop eating junk foods, sugary treats, and drinking sodas. More fruits and vegetables should be on the menu.

Getting Involved With Projects

Being involved in interesting projects and events will allow the retiree to exert energy, while still feeling useful, and a part of something that they enjoy. People of all ages want to be needed. Volunteering at the local community center will help the retiree maintain a healthy, active senior lifestyle by helping someone else. Another much needed and self-satisfying activity is to go to the local elementary school and read a book to the children once or twice a week.

This will keep you more mentally alert. Become active in a local civic organization, and feel good about giving back to the community. Have a plan for the week, and stick to it.


There are many exercise programs in towns and cities especially designed for seniors. Go to the YMCA a few days a week and swim, jog, or just take part in aerobics. All these activities will help keep the retiree feeling young and healthy. After retirement, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help prevent certain illnesses.

If there is a medical condition already present, being healthy can only help to improve it, or keep it controlled.