How to Get a Part-Time Job As A Senior

Seniors often find themselves in some financial strain after they have retired from their primary job. It just turns out that many seniors end up without enough funds to remain retired for as long as they might like. Others find that part time jobs not only help out financially, but can also provide them with a purpose again.

The Reality of Work As A Senior

You need to realistic about what kind of work you may have to do as you get to the retirement age. Next Avenue has a statistic that may come as a surprise to you. It turns out that in one poll, eighty-two percent of those surveyed who are sixty years old either are still working or plan to work past the age of sixty-five. That is a surprisingly high number given that so many of us believe that we are going to retire and cease working altogether.

Finding Employers Who Hire Seniors

You should be aware that not all employers are keen to hiring seniors. Legally, they are not supposed to discriminate against someone’s age, but plenty of employers still do anyway. Given this obstacle, it is necessary for people to look for employers who are “age-friendly” so to speak. This means finding companies that will provide part time work for seniors and senior-friendly environments where you feel comfortable and valued. is the place to go to when it comes to finding the employers who offer part time work for seniors that they need filled. The employers on the website in particular are happy to hire those in their golden years.

Finding Something That Matches Your Skills

Bare in mind that those who want to work in their senior years need to bring something to the table. Seniors are able to provide their wealth of work experience and knowledge into the workplace and make for a great hire for their employer-to-be. It is very important to emphasis one’s experience and knowledge when applying for any job as a senior.

Always be upfront and forward with employers about wanting part-time work. Many employers do not have jobs that are busy enough to fill up forty hours in a week, but they may have enough to at least fill some hours. As such, they may be happy to offer the part-time work to someone who is honest about what they want.

There are many opportunities available to seniors who want to work part-time, you just have to be on the lookout for them.