How to Benefit From Finding the Right Senior Shoe

As people age, shoes can become a problem. A favorite brand from years past may no longer fit right, or they may simply be too difficult to fasten as hands stiffen and eyesight fails. Investing in a stable pair of senior shoes can make the process of daily living much simpler. Many of these shoes are designed to slip on or are easily fastened with velcro.

For those caring for an elderly parent or struggling spouse, it’s critically important that the person wearing the shoes be on board. It can be extremely hard for some people to give up their favorite stylish shoe. Caregivers may need to enlist the help of physicians and physical therapists to convince an older woman, for example, to invest in a pair of square-heeled, flat walking shoes if she has become accustomed to a low to mid-heel shoe. Any senior who has undergone a surgery of any sort will probably need therapy; that is a very good time to promote at least one pair of senior shoes.

While there are flats that offer comfort and stability, senior shoes are a more detailed footwear, built for stability and offering custom cushioning for aging feet that need plenty of support. Senior shoes are also designed to support anyone struggling with a walking impediment, such as a stroke victim undergoing physical therapy.

What Are Senior Shoes?

Senior Shoes are an adaptive footwear that offer

  • Stability: Many senior citizens struggle with balance issues and may suffer from muscular weakness. Joint pain and general discomfort can also force an elderly person to walk rather jerkily, further leading to instability.
  • Width: These shoes are generally quite wide, offering plenty of space for bunions and other challenges.
  • Access: Senior shoes are often closed with velcro, sometimes a single flap cover for easy access. Both the elderly person and their caregiver will appreciate this simple entry process.
  • Style: Admittedly, senior shoes are not strappy sandals with a stiletto heel. But you can still find a simple loafer or flat Mary Jane style shoe to work well with slacks for formal outings, giving the wearer the chance to feel stylish, comfortable and stable.
  • Warmth: For many who suffer from arthritis, their pain level can be greatly increased by exposure to cold. Senior Shoe options include a bootie with coverage to the ankle, allowing the wearer to dress warmly and protect their feet from a bad chill.
  • Flexibility: Many seniors, particularly those who suffer from diabetes, may find their feet swell over the course of the day. Senior shoes are designed to be expandable for swollen feet.