Filling Your Days With Rewarding Activities

Staying healthy as a senior includes continuing to enjoy pastimes and engaging in new senior activities. In retirement, constructively occupying one’s time assists in remaining independent and boosts mental health. Those who stay fit as a senior find their twilight years to be more rewarding.

Community Classes

Many communities offer classes geared toward seniors. These social offerings not only assist in staying healthy as a senior, but they also allow for socializing and learning new skills. In addition to classroom-type workshops, water aerobics, swimming and dance classes are popular among those seeking upbeat senior activities.


Walking, cycling and gardening are easy ways to stay fit without having to pay for organized instruction. Various balance exercises prevent falls, and exercise in general helps reduce the risk of developing diseases and disabilities. Those with preexisting conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease, can help maintain these ailments by engaging in physical senior activities.


Mental health should also be a consideration among those with a focus on staying healthy as a senior. With more free time after retirement, many find volunteering to be a rewarding outlet. Volunteerism connects older adults to the community and bridges the generation gap. Reading to children, foster grand-parenting and logging time at animal shelters are common volunteer-related senior activities.

Social Functions

Staying tuned into social functions within the neighborhood allows retirees the opportunity to partake in local events of interest. From street fairs and block parties, to church functions and book clubs, one should be able to find intriguing and rewarding functions happening in their neighborhood.

The number one way to maximize retirement is to stay fit as a senior and refuse to become inactive. Partaking in both new and favored hobbies enriches life at any age, as does staying connected with the community and family. Seasoned adults must not consider themselves aged out of being lively. They may just have to design new approaches which complement their physical ability.