Dealing With Senior Discrimination In The Office

The workplace is somewhere that can see a lot of age discrimination in certain situations. The fact of the matter is that those with senior jobs are frequently the subject of discrimination in both big and small ways. Senior work discrimination is something that causes people a lot of emotional and financial pain. It can even lead to someone leaving a job that they actually liked.

Seniors in the Workplace

Seniors working in offices and other environments is far more common today than it was in the past. The population as a whole is aging, and those who are reaching their golden years are often still in need of a source of income. They continue to work well into their senior years, and this makes them a more common sight in the workplace. This fact alone should help to promote less discrimination in general, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in general.

Fighting back against stereotypes is a great start for someone who wants to challenge senior work discrimination head on. Stereotypes are abundant when it comes to senior citizens. People tend to believe all kinds of things about them that are simply not accurate. They may have the believe that seniors working with them are uncomfortable with technology or are even lazy workers. The reality for many seniors is that this is not the case at all.

Making Room For Everyone

Sometimes companies want to replace their senior jobs with younger workers. They want those younger workers because they believe that they will be able to get more work done and stay for longer hours. They also know that they can pay those younger workers less money to do the same job. In an effort to get rid of some of their senior staff, some employers will offer buyouts to those individuals. Those buyouts usually require the seniors working with them to sign something saying they will not pursue age discrimination lawsuits. This agreement should be carefully considered before signing anything.

Always report any age discrimination (or discrimination of any kind) immediately to the human resources department at your work. There are a lot of people who can potentially suffer if these types of things are not reported. It is up to you to help your co-workers fight back against discrimination. It has a negative impact on the workplace as a whole, so do not let it happen to those who work just one cubicle away from you.