Changing Your Career Later in Life

A common misconception in today’s world is that it’s too difficult or too late to make a career change after the age of 50. This, however, is completely untrue. Changing your career at an older age is very possible, and it could even be the best switch of your life.

A few good reasons senior jobs could use a bit of a shakeup are stress levels, new skills learned, and passion felt by the job holder. Older people may find that taking a new job for these reasons pose less of a risk than it would have before, since they’ve taken enough time over the years to save up some fallback money. It’s also sometimes good for elderly jobs to get a simple change of pace- busy, frantic work environments don’t seem so desirable as everyone ages.

A good place to start is with an online interest assessment. It’s a quick way to figure out what jobs may fit what you like to do and which ones don’t. Next, find out your skill profile. Figure out what skills you already have, or find jobs that require a skillset similar to the one you already have. If the next career you’re looking for will require completely new training or schooling, you can search online for a place to earn the qualifications you will need. After all of that, you can search for an employer offering the position you want through a job search website, such as JobFinders, Monster or ZipRecruiter.

First Steps

 Start by creating a LinkedIn profile. This will give you the opportunity to make new contacts online and join groups of people with similar job interests to you. A LinkedIn profile is like a modern-day business card and this can be a great place for you to find a new job.

Next, you should start practicing your interview and social skills. Even if you are were a pro-interviewee in the past, you can always improve and prepare yourself for success in your job search at any age.

Lastly, you should check out the AARP website. They can give you extra advice on changing careers at an older age and give you the push you need to keep going in your work transition when you need it.

About 80% of people over the age of 45 consider changing their careers – but only 6% actually make the change. However, in a recent AIER study, 82% of survey respondents claimed to have made a successful career transition after 45. No matter your age, changing your career is possible and can be a successful move.